Instagram To Bring Translation To Stories

Instagram currently offers translation for comments, captions, and profiles.

Instagram is now working on bringing translation to its most popular product, Stories. Currently, it offers translation for text on its platform – comments, captions, and profiles.

Instagram will show a “See Translation” button below text on posts that are written in a language different from the default language of your Instagram app. This option will show up for translations available for that particular language.

It was reported last month that Instagram may be working on the possibility of adding the translation to Stories. This was first shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi who has now updated that Instagram has started testing this feature.

According to screenshots shared by Paluzzi, Instagram is testing the ability to translate text in Stories. As said above, this feature will be visible as a “See Translation” button that will appear just below the username in Stories.

When you tap on that Instagram will show the translated text in a popup box below. First, it will display the original text that is written in the Story, and just below that it will display the translated text.

Paluzzi tested this with a sentence that said, “Hi this story is a story translation test,” which is actually a translated text from the original text in Italian. Some Stories are filled entirely with text so it’s interesting to see how Instagram’s translation will work in such cases.

This Instagram feature is still in test mode so, not all users will see it. Instagram has not, so far, announced any plans either on introducing translation in Stories.

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The same method that is applied to translation works in comments, captions, and profiles on Instagram, expected to be applied to Stories as well. This will definitely be a very useful feature for Instagram users especially in Stories, which is a widely used medium.

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