Instagram Testing Sticker Reactions For Stories

Instagram's test shows stickers in four different categories for Story reactions.

Instagram is testing more options for reactions to Stories. It currently offers eight emoji reactions to Stories, and it could soon add support for stickers. There will be different kinds of stickers to choose from, and use it as a reaction to Stories.

Instagram’s new test has been spotted by InstaLeaks (via Social Media Today) who posted a video demonstrating the feature. The video shows four different categories for stickers – happy, love, funny and sad.

There’s a bunch of stickers around five for each category. It looks like the stickers are set by default and there’s no visible option for users to search for stickers. Since it’s already categorized, Instagram must be displaying the appropriate stickers by default.

At present, Instagram Stories has eight emoji reactions in total, and these emoji reactions appear in DMs. There’s the laughing, surprised, heart eyes, teary-eyed, clap, fire, celebration, and 100 emoji available as reactions to Stories.

The addition of sticker reactions won’t be too bad, and it can definitely give users more options as the emoji reactions have remained the same for quite some time.

This feature is currently in testing, and there’s no word on when Instagram will make it available to all users.

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Instagram is also testing labels for reshared posts on Stories. This isn’t official yet, and there’s no confirmation on whether it will actually roll out.

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