Instagram Adds New ‘How can I help’ Sticker

Instagram Stories has a new question sticker with the default text as “How can I help?”.

Instagram has launched a new sticker question for its Stories platform. The question sticker is simply called, “How can I help?” and it’s available now for everyone to use.

Instagram’s latest question sticker came from a request by Musa Tariq on Twitter to the company’s head, Adam Mosseri. Tariq asked if the question sticker on Instagram Stories which currently has the default “Ask me a question”, can be replaced by “How can I help”. Mosseri then announced the launch of the question sticker with the new text.

Interested users can find this question sticker on the Stories section. Once a photo or video is taken, just tap on the sticker icon on top and select the questions icon. The new question sticker will pop up on your Instagram Story.

Another way to do this is by selecting ‘Create’ from the list of options below then keep scrolling right to find the question sticker. Users can then tap on the sticker to change the text to “How can I help?”.

Viewers can respond to the question sticker by tapping on the text box and users can post the responses to their Stories.

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Note that the text in the question sticker could be changed even prior to this update. The gesture, however, comes at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. Also, if an Instagram sticker can help make things better than why not?

Another sticker that’s quite popular on Instagram right now is the “Stay Home” sticker. Instagram was also putting Stories by users who use the Stay Home sticker right on top of the app.

There are other Stay Home and social distancing stickers as well that Instagram users can use for Stories.

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