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How To Use And Clean Indoor Electric Grill – Complete Guide

It’s always hard to maintain kitchen appliances. If you are a grill lover and owned one then you know the extra bit of work it requires to clean a grill. While outdoor grills are somewhat easier to clean but indoor electric grills are tough as they require extra care to clean and maintain.

Undoubtedly, an indoor electric grill comes with some great benefits compared to an outdoor grill. An indoor electric grill produces less smoke and is incredibly easy to use. Further, it doesn’t need fuel to function and is easy to clean. With all these benefits, there are ways to use the indoor grill to achieve efficient and effective steak grilling.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s easier to use and clean. Here are certain things you know to use and clean an indoor electric grill.

How To Use An Indoor Electric Grill

Indoor grilling machines are made to be used indoors on electricity over charcoal and gas grills for more safety. They produce less smoke compared to charcoal and gas grills. Their preheating is very fast, making cooking easier and more convenient.

However, an indoor grill with a low power supply will not be able to cook tough and thick meat. An indoor grill can be used to grill burgers, chicken breast, paninis, and salmon filets.

1. Don’t Overload The Indoor Grill

Do not overload the grill just because you have plenty of people waiting to be served. You might not get the best grilling, and the food might take longer than usual before getting it done.

2. Avoiding Smoke Indoor

Smoke can be one of the setbacks of grilling indoors. However, you can easily eliminate this issue with certain tips.

In order to keep the smoke low, always keep your grill temperature on medium as most electric indoor grill comes with a temperature regulating button. It will save your food from burning and reduce the smoke that may fill up the whole room.

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3. Use Oil On Food Before Placing It On The Grill

It is not good practice to add oil to the grill after putting your food on it. This can cause your food to stick to the grill surface and will create a lot of smoke due to an increase in heat that will evaporate the grease into the air.

4. Remove Fat On Meats

Try to remove the fat on the meat before you place it on the grill when possible. Excess fat with the meat will generate smoke that can fill up the whole house and might look uncontrollable by then.

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How To Clean The Indoor Electric Grill

Cleaning your grill after each use will not only keep it clean but also expand its life span. Leaving it unclean after every use will cause bacteria deposition which will make your next grilling unhealthy and unhygienic. Further, it may damage the grill in the long run.

The following are complete steps to clean your electric grill after every use.

1. Don’t Keep It Plugged

After preparing your steaks or after each use leave the grill to cool a bit first. Then make sure it is unplugged after each use. Further, place it somewhere to cool it down before you clean it. The ideal time to clean the indoor electric grill is 10 mins after it’s unplugged.

2. Place A Wet Paper Towel On The Grill Plates

Placing the wet paper towel over the grill plates when it’s still warm will create a steam that will loosen all grease and fat remnant on it.

3. Open The Grill And Wipe It To Clean

You can use the paper towel you placed on it or take another one that has already been dipped in hot soapy water to wipe all the mess on its surface away.

This is the best way to clean your electric grill, especially those with irremovable plates. The ones with a removable plate that can be popped off can be washed in a dishwasher.

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