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How To Tell If A Married Man Is In Love With You(10 Signs)

How To Tell If A Married Man Is In Love With You: If you are looking for how to tell if a married man is in love with you then you are in the right place. It is something that one must look for as married men can try to find someone for fun only.

It may be because of a number of reasons like the midlife crisis and these men use all means necessary to get into your pants and when they get what they want, they will just leave.

This is why you need to be smarter and show them that you are not so easy and that they will have to go the extra mile if they want to be with you.

If you are not quite sure that a married man is in love with you, I suggest you check these sure signs to find out what his real intentions are.

How To Tell If A Married Man Is In Love With You: Signs

No woman wants to be the second choice and you shouldn’t accept to be one as well. If the man really wants to be with you then tell him to show what his real intentions are.

With these signs, you will be able to confirm whether he is in love with you or not.

1. He Doesn’t Wear Ring When He Is With You

If you know that this guy is married and still whenever he is with you, it is like he is intentionally removed his ring. To confirm this, look for his social media accounts to check whether he has his ring in all of the photos or not.

When he has his wedding ring on, it serves him as a reminder that he is a married man who shouldn’t allow himself to catch any romantic feelings for some other woman, because of his wife.

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Another possibility is that he doesn’t take his ring off when he is with you but that he constantly plays with it without even being aware of it. If he does that, it is probable that he hasn’t reached a decision about if to act on his feelings for you just yet.

2. He Tries To Look Good When He Is With You


It is perfectly natural to look good when you are with your significant other. If the man is in love with you then he will do exactly the same when he is around you, despite the fact that he is married.

Whenever he plans to see you he starts to dress the best way possible and he will make sure he smells good. When this man is around you, he will constantly adjust his tie or hair and he will probably do it subconsciously.

3. He Tries To Be Too Friendly

There are some men who are real gentlemen in all situations and it is in their nature to be polite to every woman who crosses their path.
But if a married man goes out of his way to be friendly with you then it’s a sign that the man is in love with you.

Further, it is possible that he is just being friendly and nice but if he puts in extra effort to take care of you, it is probably because he is in love with you and he does it in order to gain your love.

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4. He Tries To Keep Tabs On Your Love Life

The greatest sign to “how to tell if a married man is in love with you” is that he will always concern about your relationship. The reason behind this is to find out whether you are available or not.

If he finds out you are with someone then he will spread negative opinions about the person as he is jealous. Additionally, he will try to keep regular updates on your love life to find out the right time to express his love for you.

5. He Will Emphasize Similarities Between Both Of You

If a married man is in love with you then the first thing he will try to find is the similarities between you two. Further, he will start pointing out the similarities between you two.

He will contrast this with the fact that his wife hardly has anything common with him. All these are just tactics to get your attention and create a lasting bond with you because he has feelings for you and wishes to have a future with you.

6. He Takes Out Time Especially For You


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The main priority of a married should be to give time to his wife and family. But if he is taking out time especially for you during the weekends and even during the weekdays, then it’s a sign that the man is in love with you.

Further, when he does spend time with you, he will try his hardest to make sure that you are comfortable and happy.

7. He Started Giving You Expensive Gifts

It is one of the signs to “how to tell if a married man is in love with you”. When a married man is in love with you he will try his best to impress you.

For this, he will start giving you expensive gifts starting from expensive dresses to jewelry. If you are experiencing this type of behavior from him then its a clear sign that he is in love with you.

8. He Opens-up To You

If a married man is falling in love with you then he will do whatever is in his power to justify himself. Therefore, he will probably talk to you about his marriage. He will open up to you about all the alleged problems he’s been having with his wife for years.

Further, he will lie to your face that he hasn’t been intimate with her for years. He will talk to you about his past, and his dreams, hopes, and desires. But be careful as none of it is probably true, he is only telling you everything you want to hear.

9. He Started Taking You To Key Events

If you started to feel weird about him taking you to key events where he should be with his wife then it’s a clear sign that the married man is in love with you.

It show’s that he started to give you the position which was previously reserved for his wife. He is doing all this to let you know that he wants you in his life and you hold a higher position in his life.

10. He Tells You That He Loves You


This is the ultimate proof to “how to tell if a married man is in love with you”. Love is a complex subject and some men are more closed off and hidden about their feelings and emotions than others as making the statement can change things.

However, if he admits that he loves you and wants you in his life then he wants to show you the ultimate proof that he is serious about you.

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