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Dreadlocks: How To Make And Maintain Dreadlocks

Don't worry, we are here to help you with this hair-locking technique.

Dreadlocks became increasingly popular for a number of reasons. They can be an expression of deep religious or spiritual convictions, a manifestation of ethnic pride, or simply a fashion preference. Whatever may be the reason, if you are wondering how to make dreadlocks then no need to worry as we are here to help.

Dreadlocks are rope-like sections of hair with a coarse texture created by hair matting. These hairlocks have been passed down from ancient Greek, Rastafari, Senegalese, Aztec and Buddhist cultures. However, they are mostly associated with African heritage.

How To Make And Maintain Dreadlocks

If you have ever wondered how to do dreads then you have landed in the right place. The most natural process to get dreadlocks is by letting your hair grow without combing, cutting or brushing. But keep in mind that this process takes time and you may have to wait for a couple of years to get your desired look.

Don’t get tensed. We have multiple simple and fast methods to dreadlock your tresses, such as dread braiding, twisting, and backcombing. These methods will help you get dreads without having to wait for a long period.

How To Make Dreadlocks

How To Make Dreadlocks

Here, we have added some of the most simple and fast ways to help you achieve your dreadlock look in a more uniform method. Scroll down to find the methods.

Make Dreadlocks Using The Braiding Method

In order to get dreads using the braiding method follow these steps,

Wash Your Hair: When learning how to start dreads, make sure you begin by washing your hair with a residue-free shampoo. A residue-free shampoo helps to get rid of all the grease and dirt deposits from your hair.

Dry Your Hair: You can blow dry your hair or you can just let it air dry.

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Section Hair And Braid: Create dreads hair by starting with 1-inch by 1-inch sections of hair at a time. Section off your hair by tying it with rubber bands at the roots.

Braid Each Section: Braid all the individual sections of hair and secure them at the ends with elastics.

Use Wax And Palm Roll: Apply wax to each braid and roll them one at a time between your palms until they form dreadlocks. Repeat this step on all the braids.

Make Dreadlocks Using The Twist And Rip Method

In order to get dreads using the twist and rip method follow these steps,

Section Your Hair: Divide your hair into individual 1-inch by 1-inch sections. Secure them with rubber bands or elastics.

Wash Your Hair: When washing your hair, use a residue-free shampoo and rub all your hair in one direction. This will help begin the dreading formation and texture.

Air Dry Your Hair: Let your hair dry naturally until it is fully dry.

Use Wax And Palm Roll: When starting to learn how to make your hair dreadlocks, rip apart each individual section of hair. Apply dread wax to it and roll it between your palms until it forms a dreadlock.

Make Dreadlocks Using The Backcombing Method

In order to get dreads using the backcombing method follow these steps,

Wash Your Hair: Wash your hair with a good residue-free shampoo before you dreadlock your hair. Residue-free shampoo removes all the grease and dirt deposits from your hair and makes sure that it doesn’t leave any residue of its own.

Blow Dry Your Hair: Blow dry your hair from every direction possible. You need to make sure there’s not a single strand of wet hair before you start dreadlocks.

Create Your Sections: When making dreadlocks sectioning off your hair will make the process start to come together. Part your hair horizontally a couple of inches above the nape of your neck. You can use sectioning clips to hold up the rest of your hair. Now, from one corner of this sectioned-off hair, pick up about an inch-wide section of hair.

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Start Backcombing: From about an inch below your roots, start backcombing this section towards your scalp. This will make a tangle and knot that will be the start of your dreadlocks. Continue backcombing like this while you move down the length of your hair until you reach the very end.

Start Twisting: Twist the backcombed section of hair until it forms a tight cylindrical shape.

Apply Dread Wax: Use a small amount of dread wax between your fingers and work it down the length of your dread while continuing to twist it. It will bind together all the loose strands of hair.

Start Palm Rolling: Palm rolling is crucial in forming your dreadlocks. Starting from your root, roll the waxed-up dreadlock between the palms of your hands to the very ends.

Note: Don’t follow an even and set pattern when making your dreadlocks as it will make your scalp look exposed.

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How To Maintain Dreadlocks

How To Maintain Dreadlocks

Only washing your dreadlocks will not help you maintain them. However, no need to worry as we have everything you need to keep in mind when n it comes to washing and maintaining your dreadlocks.

Keep It Free And Clean Of Excess Dirt And Oil

The first step to maintaining dreadlocks is to keep the hair free and clean of excess dirt and oil. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to prevent build-up. Preventing hair damage is critical, and proper upkeep starts with deep cleansing.

Wash Your Hair In Every Four To Six Weeks

It is advised to wash your hair every four to six weeks. In between washes, always freshen your hair up with a rose water spray or other types of nicely scented oils.

Always Use Residue-Free Shampoo

It’s crucial that you use residue-free shampoo as normal shampoos leave behind residues that lubricate your hair and loosen your dreadlocks. Further, the residue can build up in your hair and form mold in your dreadlocks.

Re-Twist To Maintain The Look

As dreadlocks grow, re-twisting is critical to maintaining the look. Re-twisting the dreadlocks should be done every four to six weeks or more for faster-growing results.

Use Dreadlock Cream

Use dread cream once in a while to keep your locks moisturized and tight as they do not decrease the friction between the hair.


Now that you have learned how to make dreadlocks, and maintain them right at home, it is time for a hair makeover. Follow the steps of the dreadlock tutorial carefully to create and maintain it. Be patient and take your time dreadlocking your tresses to get a trending look.


Are dreadlocks permanent?

No, dreadlocks are not permanent and you can undo them by cutting or unraveling whenever needed.

How long does it take for dreadlocks to lock?

Generally, it takes around 1 year to two years for dreadlocks to lock. However, it varies depending on the hair type and how it’s maintained.

How to Trim Your Dreadlocks?

Use high-quality shears and clip just the tips of the dreads. Trimming the ends also ensures the style does not develop a tattered appearance.

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