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How To Improve Your Business’ Cyber Security

In today’s world where there exists an entire IT economy, it is more than important to keep your business’ cyber security measures up-to-date. In order to protect your data and keep your IT infrastructure safe, it is essential that you invest in cyber security and protection measures, otherwise a potential security breach could bring your business operations to their knees.

Hackers are proactively innovative in their cyber crime approaches, and hence businesses need to be innovatively vigilant and protect their digital networks in every possible way. Hackers can potentially destroy your data systems or gain access to sensitive and private data. They could then use that data to either extort money from your or leak it out in the press just for the sake of it.

There are certain measures that your business and your employees can undertake to improve your business’ overall cyber security which include the following:

1. Having strong passwords

While this may seem like stating the obvious, having strong passwords is one of the most basic and fortified measures a company and team members can take to protect themselves from any instance of cyber crime.

Many individuals undermine the importance of having strong passwords, but in the event that you don’t do so, you expose yourself and your systems to a number of malicious activities. Passwords that contain uppercase, lowercase, special characters, and an alphanumeric combination are strongly recommended.

2. Regular cyber security audits

In order to keep your digital systems secure, it is essential that you get cybersecurity audits conducted on a regular basis from security experts like Cytelligence. It is essentially an approach that tries to understand the presence or possibility of an ongoing malicious attack or any threat that your system might potentially face.

It also involves studying the internal strengths and external threats that your systems pose and identifies any vulnerabilities that may exist in your digital networks.

3. Conducting awareness trainings 

Your company should regularly conduct orientations or training sessions in your office to educate your employees about the threats and possibilities of cyber crime. All your employees should know not to often any suspicious websites and links on their office connections, and be able to differentiate between legitimate and spam emails.

They must also know about how phishing works and how it could potentially harm company operations significantly.

4. Installing firewalls and encryption

Companies should also invest in firewalls for their digital systems to ensure early detection of any possible attacks and to have all prevention features in place. You should also try to encrypt any files that are sensitive and contain personal information about your business’ operations, clients, employees, or customers.

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5. Conduct backups regularly

You should also conduct regular backups that download and store all your important work files remotely away from your current digital systems. In case of a hack or data breach, your files remain safe and are recoverable, and that a data breach doesn’t cripple your company operations on a daily basis.

6. Feature multi-factor authentication

In order to further strengthen your business systems and accounts, companies should have multi-factor authentication on all their networks and accounts wherever possible. This includes all social media accounts, banking platforms, emails, clouds, drives, etc. This helps in ensuring that the probability of someone bypassing your digital security systems is lessened to a great degree.

7. Have insurance

Companies should also ensure their digital networks and security systems to protect themselves from an operational or financial crisis in case of a digital breach. They should exercise prevention and caution, and as an added measure should also get insurance in case of the worst of scenarios and possibilities.

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