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How To Clean A Burnt Pan With Salt – Complete Guide

Burning a pan is one of the most common mishaps that happen to almost everyone. It mostly happens when you get less attentive to cooking or get distracted during the cooking process. However, no need to worry as we have a solution.

If you want to fix your burnt pan, follow this guide on how to clean a burnt pan with salt.

How To Clean A Severely Burnt Pan With Salt

If you have a severely brunt pan then no need to try hard to clean the brunt pan. Rather, follow these steps to clean the pan properly.

What you need:

  • The burnt pan
  • Plain salt
  • Scrub
  • Clean water


Soak The Pan

The first thing you should do after getting your pan burnt is to place it somewhere safe for cooling. Once the pan gets cooled, you should take some warm water in it.

Now, add 2 to 3 tablespoons of regular plain salt to the water. Stir the salt to get it completely mixed with the warm water. After you have got an evenly water-salt mixture, leave your burnt pan with the mixture uninterrupted for 5 minutes.

Boil The Mixture

After five minutes, place the pan on the stovetop and boil the mixture for about 15 minutes.

Salt Scrub

After 15 minutes, you will see the hot water bubbling. Now, you will see that most of the burn residue has got cleared from the pan. This time you need a salt scrub.

Pour out the hot water leaving just about half an inch in the pan. Add a couple of tablespoons again to the salty water. Grab a scrub sponge and wipe away all the residue still clinging to the pan.

Rinse It

Now wash the pan thoroughly with water and hot soap. And, the last thing that you need to do now is to dry it. Now, you have cleaned your burnt pan with salt successfully.

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How To Clean The Burn Marks From The Pan

A burnt pan leaves its mark and it’s not always easy to completely clean that. However, we have found certain methods that can help you clean the burn marks from the pan with the help of salt.

First Method

Sprinkle an adequate amount of salt in the burn mark area. Take a wet sponge and rub it through the affected area. Now wash it with lukewarm water to clean it.

Second Method

If you have got a burn mark on the pan sides, you can use a large potato with salt to clean it. For this, cut the potato in half and pour some salt on the side you cut the potato. Rub that part of the potato into the burn marks to remove the burn marks.

Third Method

Take some salt on the burn mark of your pan. Take a juicy lemon and cut that in half. Rub the lemon on the burn mark to get it’s done.

The Bottom Line

With the above methods, you will easily clean the brunt mark. The steps easily describe how to clean a burnt pan with salt. Further, these steps will help you recover your pan from brunt marks and make it usable once again.

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