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How Home Sellers Can Make More Money

Although you may feel like your property’s value is maxed out and that there isn’t much that you can do, almost any property can become more valuable. These are some of the best ways sellers can make more money and what value they add.

Add Value Through Updates

Updates and upgrades can make a huge difference in your property. Although you may feel like your property is up to date if it’s at least ten years old, there are some changes and updates you can make.

From a minor kitchen remodel that can add a huge return on investment to updating your bathrooms and making them into a calming oasis, there’s something for everyone’s budget and skill level.

Deep Clean and Maintain Exterior

The exterior of your property is worth far more if you can put some work into it. The most important thing to do is clean up and maintain your grass and greenery. This means mowing and edging your lawn, trimming shrubberies and bushes, and taking care of any overgrowth.

From here, consider renting a power washer, which can allow you to scrub away any stains, dust, dirt, or pollen that may adhere itself to the exterior of your home. This change can allow anyone to make their property look brand new.

Stage Your Property to Sell

Staging is one of the most surefire ways to add a ton of value to your property. Although it might hurt to put the couple hundred dollars it’ll cost into your seller closing costs calculator, houses that are staged always sell for more money, and sell faster, than their unstaged counterparts. This makes your home a premium pick.

Time It for the Right Market

You may have a great home and a fantastic lawn, but if you can’t hit the right market, you’re in trouble. The housing market has had some mixed signals; lately, that has made many worries that it’s going to pop soon and cause trouble.

A good idea is to plan ahead but be flexible. If you plan on selling your home within the next five years, this will give you a chance to watch the market and wait for it to hit the optimal moment when you can get the most possible for it. A home is an investment and gamble that you should be careful with.

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Get a Home Inspection First

Before selling: get your home inspected by a professional. A good home inspection will ensure that you’re able to check any problems before a buyer would have to run into them. This gives you the opportunity to repair issues, replace siding, and do whatever else you need to get your home up to the level where you can increase your property’s price.

This will also ensure that when the buyer gets the home inspected, it will reach everything it needs to fulfill their expectations as well. 

There’s Nothing Like Adding Value to Your Home

Whether your property is newer or older, you can add value to it through these methods. Update your home and make it into something that will excite buyers!

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