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How Can Your Loved Ones in Spirit Contact You After Their Demise?

Having to deal with the death of someone dear to you can be strenuous. A small sign from your loved ones in spirit can put a smile on your face. Do they actually send any messages or signs after their demise? How can you understand those signs?

There are several ways in which your loved ones in spirit can get in touch with you. They may try to send subtle messages and if not seen properly, you may miss them completely. Getting in touch with an expert like Gail Keenan Psychics can help better understand them.

Numerous cases from across the world suggest that the loved ones try to contact their living families or friends post-death or even when denounced clinically death. A recollection of the life and achievements of the deceased can help in this regard. Getting to know about their passions can help in better chances of connecting with them.


A visitation dream is different from a normal dream. Such dreams where your loved ones visit will be more peaceful and real. You will have control of what is happening and what you say.

Remember the happenings of the dream after you wake up. Sudden interruptions or awakening from sleep are very common in such cases after you receive a message from your loved ones.

A better way to ease the visits by your loved ones is to pen them down. You can pay more attention to the details of the dream and write them down. Keeping a pen and a pad by your bedside can be a good practice. While going to sleep let them know that you expect a visit from them.


Probably a zillion different things happen around you every day. None of them stand out as out of the ordinary to you. All of a sudden a seemingly affectionate event may catch your attention. You start thinking about whether it is a sign from your loved ones, it probably is one.

Such signs are generally subtle. If you are expecting a choir parade to let you know about anything beyond ordinary, then it is not going to happen. For example, if you are thinking about your mom, whom you lost recently, you may see her picture fall off the wall, you getting a bouquet of her favorite flowers, or getting stumbled upon the cards given by her.

So what if they are not the specific signs you were expecting, but they make you ponder over the thoughts about your loved ones then they are signs.

Electrical Phenomena

Spirits can easily manipulate electricity. A flicker of the lights when you are celebrating any of your special days can mean the presence of the loved one’s spirits joining in the celebrations.

You may be thinking about your loved ones while celebrating a family event or missing them dearly at such times. Signs can be strange phone calls, lights flickering, phones not responding, uncanny songs that come up on a playlist, electronics malfunctioning, sudden playing of your loved ones’ favorite songs, etc. These are beyond the logical explanation.

People who understand such signs can easily make out that the spirits are trying to connect with their living friends and family.

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You may see someone resembling your loved one whom you have lost recently. You can sense them having a face that looks like a superimposed image of your loved one. The only difference is a different body. It can also happen that your sensory nerves sense their perfume around while at one of their favorite places.

A more prevalent one that is quite common among many is the appearance of the loved one’s spirit in your friend or family member’s dream. When someone close to you narrates such an incident, you may wonder why they did not reach you directly. In the state of grief, it is often difficult for you to realize or understand a direct message from them. So the spirits have tried to reach you through other people, like your close ones. It is to let you know that they are alright.

Reaching the spirits of your loved ones through someone who can act as a psychic medium can be especially helpful. Some people are gifted with mediumship. Choosing to look into a medium that aids you with your loved one’s past life numerology readings can also be helpful. 

Being cautious while opting for the services of such people is advisable. Seeking comfort during the period of grief is always recommended, but denying the signs can make you miss your loved one’s presence around you. Be alert for such signs and messages from your loved ones.

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