Hike Reports 33% Increase In Daily Time Spent

Hike previews ‘Hikeland’ and said users spend an average of 44 minutes per day in the app.

Social networking apps are seeing an expected surge in user activity and downloads. Hike has now reported an increase in 33% in daily time spent on the app. Hike has also given a preview on HikeLand, the platform’s new virtual community.

Hike said it witnessed a surge in average daily time spent in the app and user engagement in March. There has been an increase of 33% in daily time spent, and users spend an average of over 44 minutes per day.

Hike also said that user conversations with its virtual chatbot Natasha has seen a spike. Hike had updated its chatbot with Covid-19 information.

Hike users can also chat with Natasha to get updates, information and prevention tips of Covid-19. Users can simply type keywords for Covid-19 and get real-time updates on the virus.

Hike also gave a preview to its upcoming virtual platform called “Hikeland”. The preview page for Hikeland is live and interested users can sign up for it to book a spot. Hikeland is scheduled to launch in a few weeks.

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“HikeLand is a magical place for users to hangout online & enjoy unique shared experiences,” Hike’s release explains.

Hike lets users create digital avatars of themselves called “Hikemoji” which is similar to Snapchat’s Bitmoji. Based on the preview, Hike users will be able to “hangout” in this virtual community with their friends as Hikemojis.

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