Hike Chatbot Natasha Updates Users On Covid-19

Hike chatbot sends regular messages to users on safety measures for Covid-19.

Efforts are on to help control the spread of misinformation on Covid-19 through various tech tools. Hike Sticker Chat app has updated its virtual chatbot Natasha with Covid-19 information from reliable sources.

Hike has introduced stickers as well with “keep distance” and “stay home” messages.

Hike’s chatbot Natasha regularly greets users with reminders of important milestones, days and local festivals. The chatbot has also started sending morning messages with government advisories like social distancing and more.

In addition to this, Hike users can find out more about Covid-19 by typing keywords related to it in their chat with Natasha. Some examples include corona and coronstats.

To this, Natasha will reply with the latest updates on coronavirus along with the government’s source link for users to get more information.

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The replies from Natasha include detailed information on what the coronavirus is, its symptoms and how to prevent it. Hike has also introduced stickers related to Covid-19.

Likewise, the World Health Organisation joined WhatsApp to provide information on Covid-19.

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