Google’s Lighter “Gmail Go” Now Available On The Play Store

Gmail Go is now available on the Play Store and can be downloaded by all Android phones.

Google has made Gmail Go available on the Play Store and it can be downloaded by all Android phones right now. Gmail Go is the lighter version of the Gmail app and is ideally meant for smartphones that come with low-end specs and run on the Android Go edition of the Android operating system.

Google has expanded the range of phones that can download and use the new Gmail Go app now. The Gmail Go app is available for all Android phones and can be downloaded and used without any restrictions, reports GizmoChina.

The lighter Gmail Go app comes with the same email experience as the full-fledged Gmail app but it just does not have some of the heavier visual elements that are available on the main Gmail app. There is also no Google Meet integration as the ‘Meet’ button at the bottom of the screen is missing.

The overall look of the Gmail Go app is also slightly “cleaner” than the heavier Gmail app as it does not use “shadows”.

If you have been using the main Gmail app, you might find the Gmail Go app a little wanting, however, this lighter app is meant to help out with RAM management issues so you have to take that into consideration.

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The Gmail Go app comes with a smart inbox that lets you focus on messages from family and friends first and the social and promotional emails are categorized away.

Gmail go also blocks spam before it hits your inbox. You also get multiple account support and 15GB of free storage with the Gmail Go app.

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