Google’s Chrome OS Getting Dark Mode Support

Dark mode in Chrome OS is still with bugs and not available in the main app yet.

All major players like Apple and Microsoft already introduced dark mode into their respective OS. Apple introduced dark mode in macOS last year with the release of Mojave and Microsoft did the same with Windows 10 earlier this year.

Now, the report is that Google’s desktop-based operating system Chrome OS is about to release its dark mode feature. Folks at Android Police have spotted a piece of code in the Chrome OS Canary channel which suggests that Google’s Chrome OS is getting ready to join the dark mode bandwagon.

The Chrome OS Canary channel has a flag that will enable users to join dark mode on their Chrome OS-powered devices.

If you own a device that runs on Chrome OS you can try out dark mode by enabling ‘chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark’ and ‘chrome://flags/#enable-webui-dark-mode’ flags in the drop-down menu.

The report says that once these flags are enabled, the browser and the system apps transform into a near-Black color that fits into the default theme.

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While not all parts of the user interface are transformed into the dark theme but overall the theme looks more refined than the time it appeared briefly for a year last year.

Notably, the feature is still with some bugs. However, it still works with the Chrome browser and a bunch of other system apps. It also applies to other elements of the user interface as well. It isn’t ready for a proper release yet.

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