Google To Charge OEMs As Much As $40 Per Phone For GApps In EU

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Google To Charge OEMs in EU after the $5.05 billion (€4.34 billion) antitrust fine levied against it by the European Commission earlier this year, which also found that Google used Android to illegally dominate the search market.

Earlier this week, Google announced it would comply with the ruling by unbundling the GApp package, allowing OEMs to skip Chrome and Google Search in favor of alternatives. Since Android Development was supported through the ad revenue from Google services, Google will start charging OEMs.

Now, thanks to a report from The Verge, which says Google to charge device makers as much as $40 per device if they don’t use Google’s preferred Android setup. Pricing will be based on the country and the pixel density of the device’s screen.

Devices with a pixel density of

  • 500ppi or more — $40 per device
  • at least 400ppi, but less than 500ppi — $20 per device
  • lower than 400ppi — $10 per device

The EU is split into three tiers, so pricing will be applied accordingly. It will impact a lot to the end users as devices like Galaxy S9 can see a 5.5 percent price increase. The report also claims that if OEMs don’t pre-install Chrome, then they will no longer get a share of revenue generated by Chrome users. As per the report, the new rule will kick on Feb 1, 2019.

Now, the simplest outcome of this ruling is that we could see EU Samsung phone may come with Bing and the Samsung Browser instead of Google and Chrome.

If these devices had the Play Store, you could still install Google Search and Chrome if you wanted. It’s possible we could see Chinese OEMs like Xiaomi, Huawei, and more launch Google-free devices in the EU.

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