Google Stadia Update Reveals Touch Screen Controls And More

Google is working on two new features for Stadia which include touch screen controls for smartphones, and support for Android TV.

Google rolled out a new update for its cloud gaming service, Stadia. In this update, some codes revealed upcoming features like touch screen controls and Android TV support that Google is working on for Stadia.

These unreleased features of Google Stadia were discovered by 9to5Google. Touch screen controls will be one major feature for Stadia as it will do away with the need of having a controller. At present, Google Stadia works only with the support of a gaming controller which is attached to the phone.

The new feature will let users play games using their phones. More simply, it will be like playing a smartphone game.

This will be available like a touchpad giving the illusion of a controller. Users will be able to customize the position of buttons and sticks. The virtual L2 and R2 triggers are also said to perform like actual triggers and not buttons.

The other feature Google is working on its Android TV support for Stadia. This has been rumored for some time now and the latest Stadia update reveals more information hinting at this possibility. Google hasn’t mentioned anything about Android TV support for Stadia till now.

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These features are still in development and will most likely take time to roll out officially. Google recently made Stadia Pro free for two months in all the countries where it’s available.

It also canceled the registration fee it usually charges for new joiners. Google also made some changes to the logo of Stadia which is already visible on its website.

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