Google Search Makes It Easier To Find Live TV Shows, Sports

Google Search now shows what's playing on your TV.

Google has been showing recommendations for movies and TV shows to watch on Search. Users need to simply type “what to watch” and a recommendation list will pop up. Google has been updating this and it has now added live TV shows and sports.

Google added TV shows and movie recommendations in Search last year. It will now start showing recommendations for live content from cable and broadcast providers.

So now when users type “what to watch” or “good shows to watch”, Google will display both live TV and streaming options. This Google Search feature is available on mobile and is currently available in the US only.

Google is also making it easier to get live sports schedules. Google Search queries for MLB and NBA games will now have even more information including where the game is being broadcast.

Users can type different kinds of Google Search for these games such as “where to watch the Clippers game”, “how to watch the A’s game,” or “Dodgers game”. There will be a new “Live on” button displaying the live TV options in the search results.

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Google currently shows cable and network channels, and it plans to add streaming services soon. This feature too is restricted to the US for now.

As for users in other countries they can still get recommendations for what to watch on Google. A list of top and trending TV shows and movies are displayed on Google Search.

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