Google Search Getting A Redesigned UI For Weather Updates

Google Search now displays the temperature in the top-left corner of the display.

Google isn’t done redesigning Google Search yet. In the past couple of weeks, reports have detailed a number of features and updates that will be making their way to Search in the coming days. Now, a new report talks about another such update, albeit this one is limited to weather updates.

9To5Google reports that Google has started rolling out a bunch of tweaks to the user interface of Search on the web. These changes are subtle and they primarily pertain to the weather updates that are displayed on Search.

For instance, Google Search now displays the temperature in the top-left corner of the display. Earlier, it was placed in the middle of the weather card.

Precipitation, humidity, and wind are placed towards the right side of the temperature in a vertically stacked format. On the top right corner, users now see the location, date, time, and condition.

The company, as per the report, has made the weather card more compact by adding tabs to access the temperature, precipitation, and wind information. This information is displayed right under the temperature and they replace the gray buttons that were displayed until now.

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The overall UI of the weather card has been changed. However, there are some things that remain unchanged. For instance, the timeline along with the seven-day forecast remains unchanged.

This change is available on Google Search on the Web. This update follows the changes that the company made to its UI as far as answering music-related queries is concerned.

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