Google Search App On Android, iOS Gets Dark Mode

Dark mode for the Google app for Android 10 and iOS 13 will be available to all this week.

Google has started rolling out dark mode for its search app on mobile. It’s available for phones running Android 10 and iPhones on iOS 12 or iOS 13.

The dark mode rollout for the Google Search app on Android and iOS will reach all users by this week. According to a report by MacRumours, the rollout will begin today at 9:00 am PT.

As of now, the Google Search app on iPhones hasn’t received the dark mode update. It was previously available for Pixel phones but now all phones running Android 10 will get a dark mode for Google Search.

If you have the Google Search app on your phone and you’ve received dark mode it will appear according to your phone’s default theme. You can still manually change it as well.

To do this open the Google Search app and go to the settings menu. Select ‘General’ from the list and scroll down to select the theme. Here, you’ll have the option to choose light, dark, or system default.

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The options are self-explanatory but if you have a system-wide dark mode on then you can always switch to light theme. This flexibility is good as not everyone would want dark mode all over their phone. On apps like Instagram, the dark mode works only with the phone’s default theme.

The dark mode was introduced on Android 10 and iOS 13 last year. So far many popular apps have embraced dark mode but there are still more to follow.

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