Google Photos Adds Cinematic 3D Effect And More

Google said it uses machine learning to predict an image depth, and add a 3D effect to it.

Google is adding a new feature to Photos that aims to bring your photos to life. Google Photos is also getting new collage designs and features in its Memories section.

Cinematic photos are coming to Google Photos, and these essentially add a 3D effect to your photos. “To do this, we use machine learning to predict an image’s depth and produce a 3D representation of the scene—even if the original image doesn’t include depth information from the camera,” Google explained in a blog post.

Google also animates a virtual camera to add a smooth panning effect to the photos. Cinematic photos will be turned on by default, and Google will automatically create them for you.

Also, this feature will be applicable in recent highlights of Google Photos. Cinematic photos can also be shared with other users as video files.

Google also highlighted the new collage designs it rolled out earlier this month to Photos. These collage designs are also available in recent highlights. There’s one with a blackboard-style design and chalked borders and another which has a then and now theme with a polaroid design.

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Google is also updating Memories in Photos with new themes. Google will start showing photos of “the most important people in your life” in Memories.

It will also start showing photos of your favorite things like sunsets, and activities like biking or hiking. Google Photos’ Memories displays throwback photos in an Instagram Stories-like carousel.

The new features come shortly after Google introduced the option to add photos from Memories as live wallpaper on Android phones.

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