Google Meet Makes It Easier To Start A New Meeting

Google just added three new ways for users to start a meeting on Google Meet.

Google Meet has received regular helpful updates. The new update makes it easier for users to start and join a Google Meet call. There are new options to choose from when using Google Meet.

The ‘New meeting’ button will now show three options for creating a new meeting. The first one is “create a meeting for later” which generates joining information for a new meeting. This information can be used later.

The second one is to “start an instant meeting” which lets you join a meeting in one click. You can add others or copy the joining information to share this meeting.

Further, if you select this option then your camera and microphone will be automatically turned on. You can only turn them off after joining the meeting.

The third option is to “schedule in Google Calendar”. This can be done by creating a new event in the Calendar app with all the Google Meet details automatically populated.

At present, creating a Google Meet call requires a nickname that you can create or Google does for you. A link for the call is then generated that can be shared with others. This option is still available too in addition to the three new ones.

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Google has started rolling out the new Google Meet update, and it should be available to all users within 15 days. It’s available to all Google Workspace, Business, Education and Enterprise users, and personal Google users as well.

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