Google Chrome Gets New Feature To Make Loading Pages Faster

This new feature in Google Chrome is called ‘Back-Forward Cache’.

Google’s Chrome is well known for eating up RAM capacity. Now, Google has started rolling out a new feature to its web browser that will make loading pages significantly faster.

Google has started rolling out a new feature called ‘back-forward cache’ to Chrome, which is aimed at making it easier for users to go back and forth to select web pages.

This feature is already available for Chrome on Android and now the company has started shipping it to its desktop-based platform on various operating systems.

“Back-forward cache is a browser feature which improves the user experience by keeping a page alive after the user navigates away from it and reuses it for session history navigation (browser back/forward buttons, history.back(), etc) to make the navigation instant,” Google wrote in a support document.

“The pages in the cache are frozen and do not run any javascript. We already shipped this feature for android. We want to start experimenting with back-forward cache on desktop environments,” the company added.

In case you aren’t sure what exactly this feature does, then here’s a quick brief for you. It enables Chrome to save the current page and the last page that you visited the memory at once. This in turn makes back and forward page buttons load websites faster.

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As per a report by Windows Latest, Google is planning to start the experimental rollout of this feature with Chrome 92 soon. It plans to expand the coverage of this feature in the coming months soon.

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