Google AR Tool To Help You With Maintaining Social Distancing

Google's AR tool can be accessed from Chrome itself and there's no app required for it.

Google has launched a new AR tool which makes it easier to visualize social distancing, in case you were finding that difficult. This AR tool is available only for Android and can be used directly from Google Chrome.

Called ‘Sodar’, the AR tool can be accessed through the website Once you granted permission to the AR tool it will use your phone’s camera to map the area around you. You’ll have to point it towards a flat surface from wherever you’re standing.

Sodar will make an AR circle around you which is 2 meters long. This is slightly more than the recommended 6 feet distance for social distancing. But that’s not really an issue.

It’s currently available only for Android devices but older phones won’t be compatible with it. Also, the iOS version hasn’t been launched yet.

If you plan on using it whenever you step out, it’s best to bookmark the webpage so it’s easier to open it. Otherwise, you’d have to enter the website’s name every time you want to use it.

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Social distancing isn’t really difficult and can be well understood by having to keep a two arm’s length. But for those who still need a more definite proof, Sodar can come in handy. You can even use it to show anyone who’s not following social distancing rules if that helps.

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