Google Adds A Useful Shortcut For The Search Results Page

Now, you can use a keyboard shortcut to quickly return to the search field on the search results page.

Google has quietly rolled out an interesting and quite useful feature for desktop users. The feature is essentially a shortcut that lets you quickly go back to the search field on a search page results page.

First spotted by 9to5Google, you can just press “/” to return to the search box once you have scrolled down to the results page. You will also see a small box at the bottom corner of the results page that reads “Press / to jump to the search box.”

Note that the feature appears and works when you are on a results page, not on the home page. It seems that the feature is available to select users right now. We are expecting it to be rolled out to all users in the coming days.

That said, it is a minor update to Google’s search page that has remained the same visually more or less for quite some time. Considering people are using desktops more than ever, the feature could come in handy. It may also be useful for those who prefer shortcuts on the desktop.

Apart from an update to the Search page on the desktop, Google’s latest iteration of Chrome browser will get a similar minor yet useful feature. The Chrome 90 browser will soon allow you to create a link for a section of a website you have highlighted.

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It essentially allows the receiver to click the link and read the highlight of the content. The feature should work on most websites. The implementation for sites locked with paywall or sign-ups remains to be seen.

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