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Getting Your House Ready For A Perfect Date

Are you planning to have your first date at home, and you’re panicking as to how you can ensure that your house is a welcoming space for your date? In this article, we’re giving you 6 smart tips on how to get your house ready for a date at home!

You’ve gone through the best dating sites, found the one that suited your needs best, went out on a few dates with your most exciting match, and, all of a sudden, things started to heat up. Between coffee, movie, and dinner outings, you felt that it’s time to take the next step and invite them to your home and get ready for that important “first date at my home” experience!

Don’t panic, though! We’ve got your back, and we’re here to help you with how to have a date at home, stress-free! Read on to find our fantastic date at home ideas!

Clean up your house thoroughly.

It’s one thing to maintain a clean house for yourself, but it’s another to keep it clean and tidy for your guests, especially when it comes to a date! So, before your date comes over, make sure you have not only taken care of the essential house chores (cleaning, mopping, dusting, doing the dishes) but that you have also removed any clutter from your counters and other visible spots. Some fresh sheets will do the trick to freshen up your space!

Show off your cooking skills.

Whatever they may be! If you’re not that good at cooking, you can try out a few simple recipes beforehand and see what works best for you. Alternatively, you can bake some fresh cookies or some cake to treat your date to, should you two meet around noon or just in time for coffee.

You could also throw the idea of a date night at home cooking and see if your date is up for a shared cooking session! Remember: it’s the thought that counts and the effort you put into planning the date, so if you wind up welcoming your date with take-out dinner, that’s okay, too!

Remove any funny or “questionable” items from view.

You know what those may be! If not, allow us to give you some examples. If you’re in the dating phase, chances are you might have invested in some dating/self-help books to help you up to your dating game.

While this is wholly understandable and otherwise a non-issue, you can see why it may come off as weird, right? Also, make sure you have no souvenirs of your past relationship(s) lying around or any souvenirs you may have bought on impulse, which may not be, well, as appropriate as you may think!

Deodorize your space.

A nice-smelling apartment can help set the mood and allow you both to relax. It’s easy to freshen up your space by airing it out for a few hours or lighting some light-scented candles.

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However, please don’t go overboard with the candle lighting because it may have the exact opposite results of what you’re hoping to achieve! Pro tip: another easy way to make your home more welcoming is to bake cookies a few hours before your date arrives!

romantic dinner

Make sure you’re home alone.

If you happen to live with roommates, you must set your meeting around a time in the day when you and your date can spend some quality time alone. The same goes if you’re still living at your parents’ house; you don’t want them to intrude on you two as if you were still a teenager spending time with your homecoming date!

Ask your roommates or parents to leave for a few hours, and that they make sure they text you a little while before getting back home!

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Make a plan for the evening.

Going into a date unprepared can lead to a lot of awkwardness for both of you. You don’t need to have a strict schedule in mind regarding what you two will get up to, but you must have an idea of what your date night at home for him will entail.

Eating dinner, watching a movie, or just spending some time talking and cuddling is all fine and dandy – know when to do what beforehand!

Going into a date


Preparing your house for a date can seem daunting, but it shouldn’t be so! Having read our advice, you must now be ready to tackle all house chores and go the extra mile to make your space feel more inviting to your date. Don’t worry too much; chances are you’ll both feel a little bit stressed the first time, so breaking the ice by having some dinner or watching a movie will help things going!

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