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Zoho Mail Free Account: Review & Everything You Need To Know

Use Zoho for a free personal email account that has no ads.

Zoho Mail is of the reliable email service that specifically targets professionals. Zoho Mail free account not only offers enough storage, POP and IMAP access but also integration with instant messaging and online office suites.

To create a personal Zoho address and a Zoho Mail account with 5GB online message storage, all you need is an active mobile number where you can receive text messages.

Getting a Free Zoho Mail Account

It’s quite easy to create a free personal Zoho Mail account with zoho.com address. For this follow instructions below,

  1. Visit Zoho Mail Sign Up page.
  2. Select the radio button in front of Personal Email under Get started with ad-free email.
  3. Enter your preferred username that comes before @zoho.com in your email address in the Email id you wish to have field.
  4. Enter your desired password in the Password field and make sure to combine alphanumeric letters to create a strong password.
  5. Enter your first and last names in the fields provided.
  6. Enter a phone number where you can receive text messages and then confirm it by entering the number again.
  7. You need to agree to Zoho’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and for this check the box to agree.
  8. Click Sign Up for Free.
  9. Enter the verification code received on your phone by text message in the space provided on the verification page.
  10. Click Verify Code and you are done.

Apart from email signup, you can also use Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for signing up for a free account on Zoho.com.

Pros And Cons of Zoho Mail

zoho mail


  • Zoho Mail includes up to 1TB storage, however, only 5GB is free on a personal account.
  • It also offers POP and IMAP access.
  • Labels and comprehensive search help you organize email.
  • Zoho Mail comes without any advertisement.


  • Zoho Mail offers templates but one cannot use them for canned replies.
  • It also lacks on saved searches and self-learning folders.
  • Additional storage beyond the 5GB allowed for free accounts is not free. Charges for additional storage can be $15 per month.

Storage, POP,​ and IMAP Access

Zoho Mail offers 5GB for personal accounts that’s expandable to 1TB. Apart from this, you can also set up other email accounts inside Zoho for sending and receiving mail.

Zoho also supports both POP and IMAP access. Using this you can set up your email in your personal email program on your desktop or in other devices, or have Zoho Mail forward new messages to any email address. You can also use filters to forward specific messages.

Zoho Mail Review

This mail service comes with convenient keyboard shortcuts. Archiving is the best way to keep folders clean and you can also set archiving to auto mode. In some places, features, button and menu count seem to have more simple.

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Best About Zoho

1. Zoho Mail offers free email service with 5GB storage for personal use, however, this includes daily limits for incoming and outgoing mails.

2. It also supports POP accounts, you can retrieve and send mail from POP accounts using its own web interface.

3. Its own email can be accessed through email programs and services via both POP and IMAP.

4. Folders and free-form labels let you organize mail. Rules offer some automation, and spam filter files junk out of the inbox.

5. Autoresponder to reply your emails on behalf of you.

6. It also offers flexible search options that let you combine many criteria to find emails and attached files accurately.

7. Zoho Mail also includes Zoho Chat instant messaging. It also offers integration with Zoho apps and Google Docs for attachments.

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