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5 Easy Tips For A Perfect Sexcation

Like dying embers of a once raging fire, intimacy fizzles out in many long-term relationships for various reasons. Maybe because erotic inclinations take a backseat over time as the honeymoon period ends and serious adulting sets in.

Daily life stresses often leave us washed out by the end of the day, and we get stuck trying to fit sex in between the hectic contours of our work and family lives. Sex then becomes somewhat routine and lackluster.

If you start to feel weary and bored and wish to spice things up, know it’s high time for a sexcation. Shake those cobwebs out and reignite your intimacy!

From booking a dreamy getaway to packing those edible undies and trusty Autoblow, here are helpful tips for you to arrange and execute a sexcation you and your lover will absolutely enjoy.

1. Plan ahead

Like any holiday, you have to plan ahead. Unlike any holiday, sexcation is solely for romance and sex—lots of it—so design it as such.

Sit down with your partner and go through your enticing options together. It’s a fantastic way for you to rekindle your sex life, and planning a holiday together with sexuality as a goal is itself an intimate activity for you. Planning together also builds sexy anticipation, which makes for a fantastic sexcation foreplay!

Consider where and how you want it to take place and what will get your sex juices flowing. It could be a weekend in Phuket or a night at your local hotel or resort. Just choose the place carefully, and go all out and create an ambiance right out of your sexiest dreams.

A sexcation doesn’t have to be a weeklong trip to the Caribbean. You may even opt to stay in. Sometimes just a change in your usual routine and a break from your typical roles will do the trick. Rose petals, scented candles, champagne on ice, and bubble baths won’t hurt though…

Remember that this time is about just you two—sans children, other family, and responsibilities. Make sure everything else is taken care of before you leave and while you’re away. That way you can fully enjoy your holiday without worries.

Another way to go about it is to plan the whole thing yourself as a gift for your lover. Spending time and effort to set everything up is a sweet, naughty surprise and a romantic start to a wonderful sexcation.

2. Book in advance

Decide on the best time to travel and book ahead of time. That way, you get first dibs on your preferred accommodation.

Things may also become more expensive over time, so booking early can score you a discount. This can better manage your finances and stay within your budget.

3. Pack the right things

It’s a SEXcation, so you’ll expectedly be spending a lot of time in bed. Make sure to pack all the goodies you have.

Bring your adult toys, lubes, massage oils, sex games, handcuffs (and keys), sexy lingerie, edible undies, erotica, etc. Pack anything you both like or want to try. It’s a time for delicious sexual adventures and erotic thrills!

Together with your accouterments of sex props, make sure also to pack enough clothes. You may decide to go out for a romantic dinner or a bit of sightseeing. Make it a point to be prepared and look your stylish best.

While you’re packing, think about what NOT to bring as well. Leave work-related stuff or anything that can be a distraction. It’s time to relax and unplug and just focus on each other.

4. Forego an itinerary

While sexcations are about amping up your sex life, remember that intimacy is also about heart-to-heart conversations, trying new things together, or just sharing magical, loving moments with your partner.

You may insert a few romantic outings here and there to heat things up a little, like having a couples massage, skinny dipping in the pool, or a night of dancing in the club. Still, you need not have a full-packed schedule of activities.

The point is to allow yourself to be lazy and generous with your time. Have ample chance and space for languorous lounging, unfettered affection and flirtation, and erotic play.

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5. Keep things nice and sweet

This should be your mood in the days leading up to your sexcation as well. Find ways to build desire and anticipation as you transition into your holiday. Tease your lover with erotic texts or notes telling them what you have in store.

Be kinder to each other and don’t pick fights. Keep things pleasant, at least until you’re back from your holiday. You could deal with any and all issues after the golden period when you have to return to your obligations.


Sexcations can provide a fantastic reboot not only in your relationship but in yourself as well. The main point is to maintain the pleasure and play aspect of your relationship. You can learn from this meaningful getaway to sustain your erotic fire.

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