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100+ Romantic, Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

Calling your loved one’s nickname is a reflection of love and affection. It became an integral part of every sweet relationship. Mostly nicknames are generated from a person’s real name, however, in the case of your girlfriend, it’s good to go with something cute and romantic.

Cute nicknames for your girlfriend should be something that matches with her personality or reflection of your close relationship. Further, you can create a romantic nickname based on her hobbies, likes, dislikes and other positive things.

We have listed a variety of cute nicknames for your girlfriend to make her happy and, more importantly, special. Additionally for each of the names that we have listed, a brief description has been added so you can choose a nickname for girlfriend according to their personality or something that you think best describes them.

List Of Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend


  1. Princess – If she loves fairy tales and wants to be treated like a princess, tell her every day that she already is one in your eyes.
  2. Pretty Girl – Make her smile each time with this cute nickname.
  3. Sexy – Simple and straight to the point.
  4. Dream Girl – When you want her to know she’s the one you’ve been dreaming of.
  5. Hottie – If she’s hot and she knows it, give her what she wants.
  6. My Dear – Classic nickname that has held its own through the years.
  7. Miss Sunshine – When her personality shines for the world to see.
  8. Miss Universe – When she’s the center of your world and represents everything you love.
  9. Lovely – This one implies that she outshines the rest with endearing sweetness.
  10. Lioness – She’s fierce and fearless, and wants to be the queen of the jungle.
  11. Lemon Drop – If she’s sour and then she’s sweet, she’ll love this one.
  12. Honey – Another classic that works well for girlfriends that are sweet and compassionate.
  13. Honey Bee – For when she’s sweet as honey, but also has a bite to back it up.
  14. Dove – Dove’s are symbolic of everlasting love.
  15. Cutie – Playful and straight to the point.
  16. Darling – Another old-fashioned one, this one carries with it a depth she may appreciate.
  17. Angel – This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but shows that you see nothing but perfection every time you look at her.
  18. Cutie Pie – Taking the above nickname to another level, connecting playful with sweet.
  19. Dancing Queen – If she loves to dance and you want her to know she’s the rules it.
  20. Baby – Some like it and some don’t, but this nickname shows deep compassion and sympathy.
  21. Babe – While a little old-fashioned, this nickname has stood the test of time.
  22. Smiley Face – Again, if her face is always lighting up, and you love it.
  23. Sparkly Eyes – Girlfriends love it when you take notice of their eyes.
  24. Star – When she ignites your passion like the splitting of hydrogen atoms.
  25. Sun Beams – Another take on bringing attention to the glory of her smile.
  26. Sunshine – When she’s your one and only sunshine, you could incorporate the song occasionally to add an extra connection.
  27. Sweetheart – This classic continues to charm girls throughout the ages. One of my favorite girlfriend nicknames.
  28. Sweetie – Simple, cute, and straight to the point. Sometimes being direct is your best bet.
  29. Sweetie Pie – Again, who doesn’t love pie?
  30. Tigress – Another nickname that showcases her fierceness.
  31. Yummy – Another nickname to describe how delicious you think she is.
  32. Pink – If she is girly.
  33. Baby Bear – A nickname for a soft and cuddly girlfriend, just like a bear.
  34. Summer – As she brings light and brightness to your life.
  35. Cinderella – As she is a princess in your eyes.
  36. Hot-stuff – If she is irresistible.
  37. Daisy – She is just as delicate as a flower.
  38. Cookie – If she is sweet as a cookie.
  39. Cupcake – If she is sweet and yummy.
  40. Lollipop – Delicious and irresistible girlfriend.
  41. Diamond – A perfect name for someone as precious as a diamond.
  42. Jelly bean – When she is soft on the inside.
  43. Kit Kat – Attractive girl.
  44. Tootsie – She is with lovely feet.
  45. Fantasy – Perfect for a girl who is like a character from a fairy tale.
  46. Sting – An incredibly stubborn girl.
  47. Dreamboat – She’s everything you’ve ever dreamt about.
  48. Firecracker – She is a restless spirit.
  49. Smartypants – She is super smart, and she knows almost everything.
  50. Brainy – She is extremely smart.
  51. Boss – This girl is and always has to be in charge.
  52. Snow White – An innocent and sweet girl.
  53. Cat woman – A perfect nickname for a fierce, cunning and sexy woman.
  54. Google – She is a walking encyclopedia.
  55. Brownie – Her attractive brown eyes mesmerize you every time you look at them.
  56. Dimples – If she has dimples on her face.
  57. Cheese balls – Her cheeks are the cutest ever.
  58. Fun size – She is tiny and adorable.
  59. Butterscotch – If she’s blond and you don’t want to call her Blondie.
  60. Little monkey – A great nickname for someone you’re just fooling around with.
  61. Trouble – The name says it all.
  62. Bub – For someone who is too adorable.
  63. Boo – If you find her sexy.
  64. Snuggly – For someone, you love to snuggle with.
  65. Peach – If you consider her cute and delightful.
  66. The Mrs – If you plan to put a ring on it, this is a good way to drop the hint.
  67. Loco – If she’s at peace with her crazy side and isn’t afraid to show it, let her know that it’s a quality you enjoy.
  68. China Doll – Beautiful girl who can be broken easily.
  69. Mini Me – For a cute girl who is always sweet, kind and little one too.
  70. Chef – She is an expert in the kitchen.

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Cute Spanish Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

  1. Mi Mujer – My wife
  2. Amanda – Darling
  3. Bebé – Baby
  4. Cielito – Sweetie
  5. Corazón – Sweetheart
  6. Tesoro – Treasure
  7. Vida – Life
  8. Mi Alma – My soul
  9. Cariño – Dear
  10. Mami – Cute lady
  11. Preciosa Mío – My precious
  12. Princesa – Princess
  13. Mi Tierra – My world

Cute French Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

  1. Ma poupée – Baby doll
  2. Chatroulette – Kitty
  3. Choupinette – Sweetheart
  4. Ma Princesse – My princess
  5. Coquinette – A nickname for a sexy girlfriend
  6. Ma reine – My queen
  7. Ma belle – My beautiful
  8. Mon amour -My love
  9. Ma chance – My luck
  10. Mon bébé – My baby
  11. Pépette – Someone you love
  12. Ma lionne – My lines
  13. Ma mignonne – My beautiful mermaid
  14. Ma muse – Someone who inspires you
  15. Mon chou – Honey
  16. Ma pépite – A piece of gold
  17. Ma promesse – The promised one
  18. Ma Souris – my mouse
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