Clubhouse Rolls Out Features To Record Conversations And More

Clubhouse has introduced a feature that will let you download 30-second clips and share them on social media.

Social audio chat app Clubhouse has been consistently adding new features to its voice-based social media platform. Recently, it introduced Wave on its platform. This feature enables users to start a conversation on Clubhouse by waving to one another.

It also introduced a feature called Backchannel that allows users to send messages to other Clubhouse users on the platform. Now, Clubhouse has introduced a bunch of new features on its platform that not only give users the ability to record and replay conversations and also download 30-second clips to share on social media or other sites.

The app will also roll out an improved search function to help people find live and scheduled audio rooms, users and clubs oriented around certain interests, the company said.

Universal Search

The first feature that Clubhouse has introduced on its platform is called Universal Search. This feature will allow Clubhouse users to search for people, clubs, live rooms and future events more quickly.

The company said that it has already started rolling out the Universal Search feature to its iOS and Android users. “For the first week or two it will stay in the Explore tab while we get feedback from the community and continually improve search results. Then we’ll move it to the hallway,” Clubhouse explained in a blog post.


Clubhouse’s Clips feature will enable users to share 30-second clips of public rooms so more people on the Internet can discover and join their clubs. Other users will be able to share Clips of a user’s show to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, or WhatsApp.

They will also be able to save them to their camera rolls for quick editing before sharing. Clips is being rolled out in beta mode to a small group of creators starting. It will be available to more users in the future.

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This feature will enable Clubhouse users to record a conversation and replay it later. “You’ll be able to choose whether you want Replays enabled when you start a room. If they’re on, your room will be discoverable on Clubhouse for as long as you like — and available for you to download and share anywhere,” Clubhouse added in its blog. Replays will be available to Clubhouse creators at the beginning of October.

Spatial Audio

Lastly, spatial audio. This feature is being rolled out only to Clubhouse’s Android users. It will improve the overall audio quality of the conversations on Clubhouse.

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