Chrome For Android Tests New UI For Downloads Panel And Bookmarks

Google has been doing a lot when it comes to updating the stock apps to the latest Material You design, and the latest change that has taken place is in Google Chrome for Android.

The app first received dynamic theming support earlier this month, and Google is currently testing the design changes in the browser that will make the downloads panel and bookmarks a modern look.

Google Chrome for Android’s latest design refresh gives a completely new look to the downloads panel. Instead of the grey pop-up at the bottom, current downloads are displays as a toast at the top of the screen in the new design. In addition to that, complete downloads also appear in the same location in a rounded card with the “Open” button.

The bookmarks pages have also received a design change and now features larger squircle icons with more spacing between the items.

Although the new design changes look good, it is important to know that the design changes are currently only limited to Chrome Canary releases at the moment.

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Since the new design changes are limited to Chrome Canary releases at the moment, we can’t be sure if Google will end up rolling them out in a stable release or not. We’ll have to wait and see if Google decides to adopt this new design for the downloads panel and bookmarks.

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