Chrome For Android May Get Dark Mode For Google Search Results

Chrome already has a dark mode, but it does not extend to the search results page.

Google has been getting the dark mode to its apps and services even before the launch of Android 10. According to reports, Chrome on Android is currently working on bringing the dark mode to Google Search results pages.

Google Chrome for Android already has a dark mode, it’s been there for more than a year now.

What this does is it darkens almost all of the app’s UI including the New Tab Page and the Discover Feed. However, the subsequent results page is white in sharp contrast.

It can be frustrating to search in Dark Mode and then have to deal with a stark, white search results page.

chrome dark mode

According to a new code change added to the Chromium source code repository, Google is planning to change this.

The code adds a new flag to chrome://flags – Show the dark SRP for Chrome Android. When enabled, users will see the search results page in Dark Mode as well.

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The dark theme of the future search results page that will come to Chrome is much like the one offered by Google Search app on Android. However, the change is being made to Chrome instead of The Google Search website.

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