Chrome And Edge To Change Your Copy-Paste Method

A major new update is underway for the copy-paste functionality on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Google’s Chromium team is always looking at adding new features to the popular browser. In fact, the Chromium browser engine also powers Microsoft Edge, Brave browser, Vivaldi, Opera, and more.

A new report suggests that Microsoft and Google are working on a new and updated feature that will drastically change the copy-paste functionality, which computer users have come to love so much that it has become almost like second nature to them.

They are set to improve the ability of Chrome and Edge users to copy and paste files between devices through the update.

According to a report by Windows Latest, Microsoft and Google are working on a new application programming interface (API) called the Pickle Clipboard API that will affect how the browser allows users to copy and paste content in the app.

The new API should make it a lot easier for users to be able to copy different kinds of files from apps on the system, then paste them into the browser and vice versa, according to the report.

Chrome and Edge are both able to copy and paste files, but you can only do so for text files, images like JPEG and PNG files, and some web components like HTML files. According to the report, users will be able to take advantage of the Pickle API on Windows, macOS, Android, and other platforms.

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At the moment, there is no official announcement about the arrival of the Pickle API for either Google Chrome or for Microsoft Edge. However, the feature is likely to arrive on both browser’s ‘Canary’ testing channels before they make their way to the Dev and Beta channels.

Once the feature has been deemed to be stable, it could make its way to the stable version of the browser. This process could take weeks, or even months, depending on the time it takes to implement such an important feature.

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