CBD Vape Juice Is Expensive: Why?

You finally made your mind for CBD? Read the instructions? Checked the contents? Ready to buy CBD but, when you searched for a product, it was too expensive that you dropped the plan? It is a very known issue people often face while buying vape juice. You can address the problem by letting people know about the extensive process used to extract pure CBD juice.

CBD is an active compound. And, to keep the derivatives fresh and alive, a well-versed process is highly required. CBD Vape juice online is all undergone through this extensive process of extraction. And, hence it becomes expensive.

We extract CBD from the hemp plant with numerous health advantages. Several companies follow the appropriate process of extraction. That keeps the quality of CBD alive. And, hence the products become costlier. So, it is not desirable to go for a cheap CBD product, as there are high chances that it might have been through a general extraction method. 

Adopting a less extensive method can reduce the quality of vape juice. And it can result in less or no effects of CBD on your body.

What is CBD vape juice?

CBD vape juice, CBD vaping oil, or e-liquids are oil extracted from cannabis plants. It contains CBD, and when derived from hemp plants, it contains THC content as well. When derived from hemp plants, the THC content is below 0.3%, which the government approves. 

But, only the extraction is not enough vape juice needs to be purified several times. Sometimes, flavors are also added to it to make it suitable for vaping.

Reasons why CBD vape juice is expensive 

1. Farmers and high taxation 

The cultivation of hemp, which is a raw ingredient of CBD oil, required more money. Hemp requires a suitable climate for its healthy growth. A certain level of moisture and temperature is necessary for its production that becomes difficult for the farmers to provide.

It becomes less profitable for the farmers as they need to invest a lot for its production. And they have to pay heavy taxes for the production of hemp. Hence, the profit goes down. Fewer incentives are given to the farmers for the cultivation of hemp. 

2. The extraction process 

The extraction process of CBD is complicated and lengthy. It requires advanced technologies and experienced workers, which makes the cost of extraction of oil high. There are several processes included in its extraction. After extraction, it undergoes complete isolation and purification process. After completion of all the procedures, we get high-quality CBD oil.

3. Additional process involved 

To prepare CBD to sell, various other things are to be done, like winterization. Winterization, in simple terms, means keeping the product frozen to increase its longevity. The mixture is kept in a frozen state for its proper purification. After this, all components get separated, and you get pure oil. This process is called winterization. This oil is perfect for your health. So, you have to pay a reasonable price to get the quality ones.

4. The laws and legality 

CBD oil is not legal in some countries. And, in some countries use of hemp, and its product is permitted only upon following certain conditions by the companies. The oil is undoubtedly used for medical purposes.

But, some people or even countries consider it to be addictive. So, it’s a little difficult for the sellers to sell CBD products to those people. Hence, they need to spend a lot on advertising to clear this myth. In addition, to make the oil legal or suitable to the government’s norms, the company has to spend a hefty amount. Thus, it becomes expensive.

5. Repositioning 

Among the people, hemp and its products are treated as something unpleasant. People are unaware of its benefits and, their minds are filled with many negative opinions regarding hemp. So, a company needs to clear that negativity before stepping into the sales. 

They have to work hard on letting people know more about the oils, their extraction, and their benefits. This is also considered a significant factor behind its high price. 

6. Certification

Companies that sell CBD oil need to have organic certification. To get the certificate, they have to meet all the required standards; that is, the product does not have a THC of more than 0.3%. This proportion of THC is not addictive.

Only after proper inspection, the organic certificate is awarded to a company. And, a company can sell its product only after receiving the certificate from the government agencies of that country. Another factor is the use of organic fertilizers and products. But, organic fertilizers are expensive as compared to artificial ones. So, it raises the price of the final product as well.

7. Packaging

Packaging plays a vital part. CBD oil is imported and exported to different regions. So, proper packaging becomes essential. Plus, CBD cannot be sold without all its ingredients being mentioned on the packet. Even if you have to use it for medical purposes, the ingredients and its percentage must have to be written with clarity. It makes the price relatively high. It is one of the factors behind CBD oil’s high rate.

It must have helped you understand why CBD vape juices are so expensive. To unlock the integrity, it is somewhere necessary to make it costly and fulfill all the requirements.

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Final words 

CBD vape juice is more expensive than buying it every time for your family and can cost you a lot. If this is the issue, you can go for a concentrated CBD vape juice or CBD isolate. 

CBD isolate is pure CBD juice with no added compounds. Use it with a small dosage; it will be effective as well as long-lived. It can help you save a lot without being deprived of its effectiveness.

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