Bing Video: How to Browse and Search? Why It’s Better?

How to use Bing Video to stream free videos and why its better than other streaming providers.

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, is among the best search engines available and it’s giving a solid competition to other popular search engines not simply for its web and image search but also for its bing video.

Bing video offers a wide range of free music videos, trailers, and more from a variety of sources, including YouTube, Vevo, Amazon Video, and MyVidster. Unlike dedicated video streaming websites that only show you the videos they host themselves, Bing’s videos offer videos from a complete range of networks which makes it one-stop search repository for all things video-related.

Accessing Bing Videos is quite easy and the search option is a lot easier and quicker than to be with a lot of unique features. Here are the simplest ways to get your desire videos on Bing videos.

How to Search And Find Videos on Bing

The simplest way to find a video on Bing Videos is to search and get it by Bing Videos page. You can literally search for anything and the results will be shown in bing search within no time. You can even browse videos through its menu which offers a well-categorized catalog.

One can easily find all sorts of videos trending this week without having to search for anything in particular, including music videos, viral videos, movie trailers, and TV shows. These sections have their own respective section on the Bing Videos homepage, and you can click See more next to any of them to see more trending videos in those categories.

Apart from simplicity, you can use Bing’s instant video suggestion to help you with your search term. I personally like this feature as it makes the search a lot easier and faster.

Apart from the bing video search, you can search your term directly on bing and then select video option to get the results in video thumbnails.

Bing Video Best Features

Here are some of the bing videos best features that make it best,

Video Preview

Bing lets you preview videos before opening them with a gif over video on mouse over. This helps you get a quick view of the video without playing the video.

Video Playing on Bing Rather Than The Source Website

This is another best feature of Bing Videos. When you click on a video to open it, it plays in Bing rather than going to the original video hosted site which makes it more appealing. With video playing on Bing Videos you can have all your related searches and videos.

Auto Page Load

With Bing Videos as you scroll through search results, the page loads automatically to give you more result videos without having you go through the pagination hassle. This is really helpful, as you can scroll down as long as you want, given that there are videos that support your search term.

Watch Later With Save Option

Bing videos also offer to watch later option and with the “Save” button below a video, you can save them to “My Saves” page. From My Saves, you can easily categorize them to custom collections.

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Why Bing Video is Better?

When you go with self-hosted streaming websites it’s always a hassle to get some low search videos. Sometimes sites like Vimeo host some videos or exclusive content which you can’t find on others while a search on Bing will.

Here is a list of extra features that you might find interesting:

  1. Better filters: You can sort by date, length or resolution, or filter by a specific source.
  2. Turn off the safe search to get NFSW results.
  3. Save videos to your Microsoft Account, and get personalized feeds based on your savings and activity.

The Bottom Line

Bing Video Search is one of the convenient multi-site search engine for videos that offer quick, family friendly and NSFW results based on SafeSearch settings along with best filter options. Its video preview and auto page load option really makes it stand out in the crowd.

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