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6 WordPress Plugins To Make Your Website Responsive

From JetPack to WordPress Mobile Pack, here are the best WordPress plugins to make your website responsive.

Within a few years of time, WordPress became very much popular among all. Whether it’s a corporate website, a blog, a magazine, or an e-commerce store, it is considered the most accessible and manageable resource. With its popularity there exist a lot of themes and plugins, which make it easy to create and manage your website.

With an increasing number of mobile devices, everybody is looking forward to making their website responsive. If facts are to be believed 25 percent of all search queries are done through the mobile device, so it’s pretty clear that in the future mobile access will surpass desktops.

So if you are having a website or a blog, you should make it responsive right away to grab that extra amount of traffic. To attract more traffic to your website you should consider better page load speed and website responsiveness.

How To Make A WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly

To be mobile-friendly, a website must be:

  • The page layout is called responsive when it adjusts to the page dimensions of the mobile screen for the best viewing experience.
  • Since mobile devices have less processing power than desktop computers they take more time to process pages if they are not optimized for speed.
  • As mobile devices lack space for big menus and navigation elements, they must be navigable.

WordPress Plugins To Make Your Website Responsive

If your website doesn’t support responsiveness then consider using the below plugins to make it mobile responsive.

1. JetPack

JetPack is a popular plugin with all the features that you need for your website. It comes with a “Mobile Theme” feature, which you can use to optimize your website for mobile devices.

Other must-have features like contact forms, a Carousel in place of the gallery, and custom CSS are also present inside Jetpack. Jetpack also provides “photon” for accelerating your website speed.

Key Features:

  • A CDN that serves files faster.
  • Lazy load images to make pages load faster.
  • WordPress-optimized video hosting makes it easy to upload video content and engaging for visitors to watch.
  • Infinite scrolling improves the user experience.

Suitable for: Those who are looking for free solutions to make their WordPress-based website mobile-friendly.

2. Smush

The biggest issue in the case of page performance is large image files. The bigger the image file, the longer it will take to load on the page, slowing your entire site down.

Key Features:

  • Automatically compress images when you upload them without a visible drop in quality.
  • Lazy-load images to provide the feeling of a faster website.
  • Compress all of the images you’ve previously posted to your site.

You can upgrade to Smush Pro for $6 per month, which compresses files more than the free version. Further, it removes file size limits (the free version only compresses images under 1 MB), sends images via a content delivery network, and automatically backs up your original image uploads. You may also subscribe for a subscription that gives you access to all WPMU DEV premium plugins.

3. WP Mobile Edition

WP Mobile Edition is another powerful plugin that can help you turn your existing website into a purely mobile responsive optimized to support Android, iOS, and other devices. This plugin automatically detects devices and changes your website accordingly. It also provides users the option to switch between mobile and desktop versions.

WP Mobile Edition plugin also provides different color schemes, smart formatting, and much more. So if you want to turn your existing website into a mobile-friendly then you should consider using this plugin.

Suitable for: Those who already have a non-responsive website and searching for options to make it mobile responsive.

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4. WordPress Mobile Pack

This plugin completely changes your website to look like an app. The WordPress Mobile Pack allows cross-platform access, a pre-created theme with abstract covers, a responsive user interface, and post-synchronization. You can also modify color schemes, and fonts using this plugin. If you are planning to use this plugin, make sure that your WordPress-installed version exceeds v3.6.

The plugin works with all major browsers, including Safari, Google Chrome, Android native browsers, Internet Explorer 10, and Firefox. One of the best features of the WordPress Mobile Pack is that it makes developing a mobile-responsive site a breeze. You won’t need to hire a developer or deal with complex code yourself.

The plugin’s appearance can be customized as well. WordPress Mobile Pack comes with six different theme variations that you can switch between to provide your site’s visitors with an unforgettable mobile browsing experience. It also allows you to personalize the theme by changing the color palette, font, and page elements to match your company’s brand better.

Suitable for: Those who are looking for advanced options.

5. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

WPtouch Mobile Plugin comes with some serious features like “Infinity Cache” and touch enhancements. Using this plugin not only makes your website responsive but also makes it blazing fast using mobile caching. This plugin also provides image optimization for mobile devices, which helps reduce mobile loading time.

The Google Mobile test is passed by the WPtouch Mobile Plugin, adding to its popularity among webmasters. The free version is quite simple to use, and when you’re ready to take things a step further, you can upgrade to the pro version for even more extensive capabilities.

Users can add advertising to their site’s mobile version with the premium version, potentially increasing revenue through clicks. The premium version includes a lot of niche-specific, mobile-optimized themes to assist customers in creating a faultless mobile site in minutes.

If you are looking forward to using this plugin, I suggest you consider using its Pro version as it provides many more options.

Suitable for: Those who are looking to provide a unique user experience to their users.

6. Hummingbird

Hummingbird is a WordPress caching plugin that tells your visitors’ browsers to store copies of your website files locally so that they can be loaded faster in the future. Caching removes the need to retrieve certain files from your web server each time a visitor comes to your site, which is especially important for mobile users.

Key Features:

  • GZIP compression for faster file delivery.
  • Minify and defer CSS and JavaScript code.
  • Eliminates render-blocking resources.
  • Turns lazy loading for images.

Hummingbird is also a good option for new users, as it provides ideas and suggestions for optimizing your mobile site so you can see how the plugin helps. The above optimizations are free, but for $6 a month, you can get a content delivery network, better file compression, automated scans, and uptime monitoring.


Mobile-optimized websites are a must-have to be helpful to the growing percentages of mobile users. Site owners who fail to optimize their websites for mobile visitors risk losing considerable conversions and sales. We shared some of the best mobile site plugins in this article to help you get started with making your WordPress site mobile-friendly.

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