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Best Outdoor Trash Cans – Reviews And Buying Guide

Are you looking for an outdoor trash can for your home and you are not sure which one to buy? Although there are a lot of products available in the market, it’s difficult to select the best outdoor trash can. For this, we have gone through a lot of products and created a list by analyzing product price, material, and customer reviews.

Here are some of the best outdoor trash cans that you can consider when buying one.

Best Outdoor Trash Cans

1. Safco Products Canmeleon Trash Can


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Whether it’s living outdoors on a patio or near a walking path or existing inside at the junction of two busy hallways in your small business, the versatile Safco Canmeleon Trash Can provides reliable, high-traffic waste collection while seamlessly blending into its environment.

Made from textured high-density polyethylene plastic, the Canmeleon delivers long-lasting durability – indoors and out.

True to its name’s inspiration, Canmeleon blends in well with its surroundings and feels right at home along walls and in corners as well as out on its own in more open areas.

Made up of just a lid and a base, the durable Canmeleon is easy to clean and maintain. You’ll also find plenty of space at the bottom of the can to add simple weights like rocks, sandbags, or bricks to help it be more wind-resistant outdoors.

Reviewers say: “An excellent product. Having a covered outside garbage container with 4 open sides is ideal for our situation. A little light in the wind, but placing a heavy object in the container resolves this problem.” says one buyer.

2. Toter Residential Heavy Duty 2-Wheeled Trash Can


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The Toter residential curbside heavy-duty trash can is a 2-wheeled garbage container with a molded-in axle and attached lid. Toter trash cans offer a service life expectancy virtually double that of other brands and each comes with a 10-year warranty.

The large footprint and aerodynamic design create a superior wind and set-down stability and are compatible with automated or semi-automated collection waste truck lifters. The rugged wheels make Toter cans easy to maneuver and the ergonomic design leads it easy to tilt and roll, even when full.

Toter cans are manufactured through a patented molding process which allows for added rigidity and extra material in critical wear areas, creating their patented rugged rim at the top edge and the wear strip at the bottom of the container. Designed to look good even after years of service.

Reviewers say: “So much better than the garbage cans with detachable lids, that get lost or stolen. Also, tough enough that the squirrels and other critters don’t chew on the lid.” says one buyer.

3. Commercial Zone Open-Top Container Bin


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The Commercial Zone 42 Gallon Square Commercial Trash Can is perfect for high-traffic areas because it’s tough enough and big enough to handle any type of situation.

Made from high-density polyethylene in black, gray, or beige, it is easy to clean with a standard degreaser. The bag won’t rip when removed from the 42-gallon unit thanks to the patented Grab Bag system.

The lid easily lifts off for emptying the trash can. The unit is made from post-consumer recycled material (50% in the black unit and 25% in the beige and gray units).

Reviewers say: “These are very good for the money! Although they are built thin, we have had no concerns and it makes them lighter and easy to manage.” says one buyer.

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4. Safco Products Recessed Panel Trash Can


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Canmeleon Outdoor/Indoor Recessed Panel Trash Can with Ash Urn blends decorative fluted panels with a built-in stainless steel ashtray to help enhance outdoor areas while keeping them clean and litter-free.

Molded from high-density polyethylene with UV inhibitors, this waste container performs well in both outdoor and indoor conditions. The telescoping base hides the liner bag and includes a recessed bottom for easy maintenance.

The covered dome features four 9 1/2″W x 4 1/2″H openings that let you discard waste without touching the lid, which may help reduce the spread of germs.

For weather resistance and to help prevent vandalism, the bottom of the weather-resistant trash container can be fastened to the pavement or weighted with sand or paving bricks.

Reviewers say: “Excellent product, one month at use, I put it outside, looks nice, beware of the size, o bought it thinking it was bigger but it was my fault because I didn’t check the measures.” says one buyer.

5. Rubbermaid Brute Rollout Trash Can


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The Rubbermaid Brute rollout trash can with casters is constructed of high-quality, UV-resistant, commercial-grade materials with heavy-duty wheels for collecting and transporting waste indoors and outdoors.

These garbage cans feature front swivel casters that increase control during transport, reinforced rims for superior structural integrity, and robust fully opening lids designed to add extra strength and stay in place during transport.

With ergonomic handles that make pushing and pulling more comfortable, these durable trash cans have smooth contours and seamless construction to make them easy to clean.

Reviewers say: “Good but I have no idea why the bar underneath drags. I can’t figure out what I need to do to secure it.” says one buyer.

6. Umbra Vento Open Top Outdoor Trash Can


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With brushed metal accents, a hassle-free open-top lid, and an integrated neck ring, Vento keeps your garbage bag out of sight. This stylish trash can is constructed of durable polypropylene so It’s sturdy and stable which means you do not have to worry about it toppling over.

At the same time, It’s easy to maintain – just wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Vento is large enough that you do not have to constantly change the bag but small enough to fit in almost any space in your home.

Vento is especially useful as a kitchen trash can, but can be used anywhere in your home, or even in a commercial space! It works with the most popular 13-gallon (bag will hang inside the can) or 30-gallon garbage bags, including draw-sting and flap-tie bags.

Reviewers say: “Super stylish. Super clean. And tall enough for my 1 year old not to fully get into. I’ve never had a swing top trash can but it’s super convenient!” says one buyer.


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