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Best Floor Lamps For Reading That You’ll Love (With Reviews)

If you are looking for a floor reading lamp then you should consider buying a lamp with adjustable height or an adjustable neck. Further, you can look for other features like brightness settings and remote control.

Although there are a lot of products available in the market, it’s difficult to select the best floor reading lamp. For this, we have gone through a lot of products and created a list by analyzing product price, designs, features, and customer reviews.

Best Floor Reading Lamps

1. Rottogoon Floor Reading Lamp


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This living room lamp comes in 2 shades(one beige, one gray), which means you could simply change different colors according to house decoration style or replace the worn one.

This standing lamp gives off warm, soft 3000 Kevin warm white lighting creating a comfortable ambiance for instant relaxation, No glare, no dazzling, no glittering. The black on the metal stem and base pairs perfectly with the warm tone of the lamp’s illuminated, textural lamp shade.

Rottogoon Arc Floor Lamp includes a power-saving light bulb which a life span of up to 50,000 hours(about 20 years), you will never have to replace a bulb. Not burning out or overheating, purchasing this lamp also meant saving money and energy.

Featured with a foot switch, this tall lamp is more convenient to turn on/off. just using your foot. Spare your hands to do something else, saves you from the trouble of bending down to turn off the light.

Reviewers say: “Absolutely LOVE it! I put it together in 5 minutes, sturdy, and beautiful! Love the option of 2 shade colors and the fact that it rolls up and is actually kind of genius. Can’t say enough!” says one buyer.

2. Soarz Torchiere Adjustable Reading Floor Lamp


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This adjustable reading lamp comes with 2 lamp heads with different functions, which are independently controlled, giving you the flexibility to you to turn on only one of the lamps or both based on your demand.

The 20W main lamp effortlessly brightens up the entire space, and the 5W side lamp with flexible gooseneck can be freely adjusted up and down within a certain distance, perfect for any task, such as reading, working, or sewing.

This floor lamp with 56 LEDs uses only 8 watts of power to generate up to 800 lumens of lighting, super-bright lighting is enough to illuminate the entire room.

This lamp has two lamp heads, the upward lamp can be used as a floor lamp to illuminate your room, and the side lamp can be used as a reading lamp to provide you with suitable light when you are reading.

Tap the touch control button to turn the bulb on/off. Through the stepless dimming design, you can keep the touch sensor to adjust the lighting brightness from 10% to 100% as needed. The last brightness setting is saved.

Reviewers say: “I like this floor lamp very much, it is easy to install, especially it has two separate lamps, which can rotate freely so that every corner can be very bright.” says one buyer.

3. Jenson Modern Reading Floor Lamp


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This lamp features a metal tent shade that creates a warm downward light ideal for reading or tasks. A convenient swing arm allows for adjustable illumination at a variety of angles. The dark bronze finish offers true elegance to any room. Elegant and practical, this pharmacy floor lamp will add style and functionality to your home.

Reviewers say: “This floor lamp is sturdy and easy to assemble. This model uses regular light bulbs so no need for special bulbs. Pleased with this lamp.” says one buyer.

4. Brightech Wyatt Reading Floor Lamp


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Position the Brightech Wyatt’s light beside a couch, table, or armchair for reading, making jigsaw puzzles, knitting, cross-stitching or other hobbies and crafts. Adjust the height of this lamp between 57 inches tall to 42″ by adjusting the arm up/down. The arm has a total outward reach of about 1.5 feet from the pole.

Works with smart outlets that are Alexa, Google Home Assistant, or Apple HomeKit enabled, to turn on/off. This lamp gives off a warm beautiful light that creates a cozy and well-lit space. An alternative to harsh overheads, the Wyatt provides soft yet plentiful room lighting.

Reviewers say: “Really like the floor lamp. It’s bright and covers a larger space excellent for doing craft’s and that is why I bought it. Love the look of it too. Very good product.” says one buyer.

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5. Brightech Montage Reading Floor Lamp


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The Brightech Montage has a look allowing it to fit most decor types, from industrial to modern or traditional, and especially mid-century modern and farmhouse.

The styling recalls Victorian street lamps but is updated with a warm, soft textured shade and thin stem in black or oil-rubbed bronze finish.

Stand up the Montage behind the couch to overhang your reading. Or enjoy the warm white (3000K) upright light as a cozy accent light in your home or office.

With the Montage’s decorative shade, you’re free from the glare of overheads or exposed bulbs. Friends and family will feel right at home.

Reviewers say: “This little lamp is so legit! Very sturdy well made and easy to assemble! Love it. Highly recommend.” says one buyer.

6. HueLiv Led Floor Lamp with Remote & Touch Control


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HueLiv floor lamp has 5 different color adjustable temperature settings with stepless brightness adjustment from 3000 K to 6500 K, which creates warm lighting for your environment or activity.

Warm lights can bring you a sweet night, cool white lights can help you focus on working, reading, sewing, etc. Stepless Dimming allows you to get the most comfortable brightness for your daily life and work.

The adjustable gooseneck is designed to precisely direct light where you need it. With comfortably cast light from 48inch to 69inch height, you can adjust the height to illuminate your projects perfectly.

With enhanced LED lights, flicker-free and stable lighting protects your eyes when reading or studying. The floor lamp includes a built-in LED light rated to last 25,000 hours without burning out or overheating.

With the remote control, you can intelligently control the floor lamp on the bed or sofa by the remote within the 40ft range. And the highly sensitive built-in touch control allows you to adjust brightness from 30% to 100%.

Reviewers say: “Easy to put together. Great quality. This floor lamp comes with stepless dimmer, remote/touch control, and adjustable gooseneck. Love the light settings.” says one buyer.

7. LEPOWER Metal Reading Floor Lamp


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A nice, durable, and functional metal floor lamp to meet your basic lighting needs, which perfect for reading. With high-quality metal material, enduring, durable and aesthetic, brightens your living room, bedroom, study room, office, kid’s room, or college dorm!

The lamp is integrated with a high-quality metal lampshade and base, enduring, durable, and aesthetic. Its weighted base and sturdy design make it wobble-free and safe to have around children and pets. The flexible gooseneck makes it easy to find the perfect lighting angle.

Reviewers say: “​This wonderful little lamp is perfect for space at the end of our couch where there is no room for a table. My husband uses this read-by and looks at his art books. We love it!” says one buyer.


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