Apple’s Website Has An Easter Egg: Details

If you haven’t visited the Apple US website lately, today should be a good day to see some ‘surprises’. As soon as you open the website, you will be greeted by some animations for each product category on the main page, something which is unusual.

On opening the page, one could see the iPhone 11 section up top but then comes to the main character of Hot Lava title(which is available on Apple Arcade) hanging from the side of the web page, jumping over the iPhones, making its way across the screen.

On scrolling down the second section, which is the ‘MacBook Pro’ you can see Sonic drifting from the back of the laptop, doing a burnout on the keyboard and drifting back towards the backside of the laptop from the other side.

The third section for the iPad shows both the main characters from the Sneaky Sasquatch title dropping from the top of the page on to the iPad and chasing each other.

Next comes the Apple TV section that shows the TV screen with animated Lego characters at the front sitting and watching it. Two of them carry the remote controller while the third one jumps on one of the buttons to show the listing page of the ‘Lego’ on Apple Arcade.

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When you scroll further down to the AirPods section, you see the main character from the Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm title wearing the earbuds.

The screen auto pans out with all the aforementioned characters coming into the screen and shows ‘Arcade’ mentioned in big, bold letters.

The last we heard Apple including an easter egg somewhere, was in the iPhone 11 promotional video. The video featured Windows ‘Blue screen of death’ for a microsecond, which many missed for the first time.

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