Apple’s Safari Browser Blocks All Third-party Cookies

Apple has introduced an important privacy feature for its Safari browser.

Apple has rolled out an important update for iPhones, iPad, and Macs to bring a range of new features and improvements. Privacy is also a big focus in the new update.

Safari browser, the default browser on Apple devices, will now block all the third-party cookies. The feature will be enabled by default.

Safari’s latest feature is set to make it tougher for advertisers and spammers to target using the cookies. According to Engadget, the feature may even bar third-party firms from tracking your online behavior. Apart from blocking cookies, Safari will now keep scripts of a website for seven days.

Safari is now one of the first mainstream browsers to block third-party cookies. Earlier, relatively less popular browser Tor offers similar privacy features.

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“Safari continues to pave the way for privacy on the web, this time as the first mainstream browser to fully block third-party cookies by default. As far as we know, only the Tor Browser has featured full third-party cookie blocking by default before Safari, but Brave just has a few exceptions left in its blocking so in practice they are in the same good place. We know Chrome wants this behavior too and they announced that they’ll be shipping it by 2022,” wrote on its website.

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