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Apple ID Account Bug Locks Some Users Out of Accounts

Apple's system status web page does not currently show any issues with any of its services.

According to multiple reports on social media sites, Apple users are experiencing an issue with their Apple ID, which is preventing them from accessing their own accounts. Some customers report that they were logged out of one or more devices and then forced to update their Apple ID password, while others appear to be unaffected by the bug. Resetting an Apple ID password appears to be working, with affected customers reporting that doing so restores access to their accounts.

The Apple ID password reset bug, first discovered by 9to5Mac, appears to be affecting a number of people who have posted about it on social media. A LoudFact writer was also affected, as his Apple ID was logged out on both his iPhone and iPad, followed by a prompt to reset his password.

Michael Tsai, a Mac software developer, described his experience in a blog post, stating that his iPhone first asked for his Apple ID password before informing him that his account was locked. The reset process was complicated because he had Stolen Device Protection on, but Tsai was able to reset his password without delay using his Mac, despite encountering a few issues in the process.

Similarly, developer Dave Wood stated in a Mastodon post that he was notified that his Apple ID was also locked. A screenshot of the pop-up notification shows that the account was locked “for security reasons”, with two options: Unlock account or Cancel.

He, like Tsai, was instructed to wait an hour since his phone had Apple’s new Stolen Device Protection function enabled. Several additional users have shared their experiences with Threads, X (previously Twitter), and Mastodon.

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According to Apple’s system status webpage, there were no ongoing or recent issues affecting any of its services at the time of publication, including Apple ID, iCloud Account, and Sign In. There is presently no word from Apple on why this issue is affecting some users.

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