Apple iCloud App On Windows Gets New Password Manager App

If you're using the iCloud app on Windows, it's time for an update.

If you’re using the iCloud app on Windows 10 or Windows 11, it’s time for an update. Version 12.5 of the app is bringing a new password manager feature, letting you access and manage passwords stored in your iCloud keychain, and sync it up with Edge and Google Chrome on Windows from a single experience.

The new experience is locked behind a Windows Hello screen, which, once you authenticate with your face or fingerprint, will reveal all your saved passwords.

You’ll also have to install either the iCloud Passwords app extension for Microsoft Edge or the same extension for Google Chrome. Both are linked in the main iCloud app via an “Install Extension” button.

Mobile Nation’s Rene Ritchie has a nice view of what the app would look like. Basically, just a list of your passwords, with a search box and an edit, copy or delete button.

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This new password manager app should be useful for people who own iPads and iPhones and prefer to use iCloud keychain over Microsoft’s own Authenticator app. You can see stored passwords, and add in new ones from Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, and then have it stay synced across all your devices.

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