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Android 15 Developer Preview 1 Released By Google: Details

Google anticipates Android 15 to pass the Platform Stability milestone in June.

Google is presently developing Android 15, and on Friday it released the first Android 15 Developer Preview to give software developers as well as companies an idea of what to anticipate from the next version of its open source mobile operating system.

According to Google, Android 15 will increase device security while allowing apps to take advantage of flagship hardware such as powerful cameras, GPUs, displays, and artificial intelligence. Other components, including as Privacy Sandbox, Health Connect, and File Integrity, will also be upgraded when the update is released to users later this year.

Google announced on Friday that the first Android 15 Developer Preview is now available for Pixel smartphones. These builds are unlikely to have new user-facing features or interface changes; they are intended to allow developers to test their apps on the most recent version of Android, which is still in development and is expected to contain errors.

According to Google, with Android 15, applications will be able to increase the brightness of the camera preview with new low light capabilities and accurately manage flash intensity via enhanced flash strength adjustments. It will also allow a smartphone to function as a virtual MIDI 2.0 device, controlling a synthesizer app via a composition app.

Privacy Sandbox, Google’s new system that allows developers to offer targeted ads while claiming to protect user privacy, is also getting an update with Android 15. According to the company, Health Connect will also enable “new data types across fitness, nutrition, and more”.

Android 15 also includes new application programming interfaces (APIs) that can safeguard users from malware and file alterations by leveraging a powerful capability in the Linux kernel. Meanwhile, the next version of Android will have support for partial screen sharing, allowing users to capture only one app window rather than the entire screen.

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According to the company, another developer preview will be available in March, with Android 15 beta deliveries beginning in April. Users who wish to try out the next version of Android can download the public beta versions, but they need be installed on a separate smartphone. Platform stability is expected to be achieved by June, which means that no new features or significant changes to the operating system will be introduced after that date, according to Google.

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