Analysts Expect Apple iPhone SE 3 May Launch In Early 2022

Next-gen Apple iPhone SE is on the cards says a tipster and he says it is going to shock and awe with its price.

Apple back in 2020 launched the much-awaited iPhone SE (2020) smartphone. Now, a new report has revealed that there may well be a third-generation iPhone SE smartphone, the iPhone SE 2022.

Kuo says that the upcoming iPhone SE 2022 will be the ‘cheapest 5G iPhone ever’. It is worth noting that as of now, iPhone 12 Mini is the cheapest 5G iPhone. It retails at $699 in the US. If Kuo’s report is indeed correct, the iPhone SE 2022 will come with a price tag of less than 70 grand. On the other hand, it would be pricier than the iPhone SE 2020.

This report follows another report by the Apple analyst, wherein he said that the next-generation iPhone SE, that is the iPhone SE 2022, will be almost similar in design to the existing iPhone SE model, that is the iPhone SE 2020, which in turn is closer in design to the iPhone 8.

At the same time, DSCC analyst Ross Young had shared the specifications of the upcoming iPhone SE model. He had said that the iPhone SE 2020 successor will be released in 2022 and that it would come with a 4.7-inch LCD display. In addition to this, the analyst had said that the iPhone SE 2022 will feature support for 5G connectivity with sub-6GHz band.

Additionally, the tipster had said that Apple would ditch the notch in the iPhone SE 2020 successor and opt for a punch-hole display design instead.

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Separately, reports had indicated that Apple would launch the iPhone SE Plus as a ‘pro variant’ to the iPhone SE 2020. But that didn’t happen either. As of now, all these details are in the air as Apple hasn’t confirmed its future plans yet.

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