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Anal Orgasm: How Good Is It? Facts, Tips, Benefits and More

Effective tips to give you an unforgettable experience.

Orgasms come in totally various types and Anal orgasm which may be unknown to many is one of those secret orgasms that exist. You may have known about clitoral orgasm, the G-spot orgasm, the cervical orgasm, core orgasm which most women can experience by using their core muscles during a workout. So what’s anal orgasm? and how you can experience anal orgasm?

What is Anal Orgasm?

As the name resembles, this orgasm is achieved through anal stimulation. This stimulation can be performed by licking, touching, fingering and more. If you like it then you can move forward with anything comfortable.

As per studies, an anal orgasm is the result of sexual stimulation of the nerves in and around the anus region. The anus is packed with the incredibly erogenous pudendal nerve—which connects to the clitoris and carries sensation to and from your perineum to your vagina, vulva, and anus. This forms the sensation to experience the orgasm.

What does it feel like?

This may vary from person to person. Studies have shown those who have gone through the anal orgasm 10 percent of them don’t like it, 25 percent mildly satisfied and rest were completely satisfied.

For those who were complete satisfied described it as like intense waves of pleasure that begin deep inside your body and radiates through the rest of your body. It’s like the words: Ah-amazing for them.

For those who don’t like the orgasm that much explains the reason as discomfort created by the first couple of times of penetration. However, experts say this experience goes out once you adjust with it.

How to have an Anal Orgasm?

Experts say for a perfect experience one should require preparation, finesse, practice and experienced partner while penetrated by a partner. Here are some effective tips for hitting that anal “O.”

Go Slow

Starting with small tools and solo is the key to prepare yourself for the final outcome. Start with small tolls and increase its size periodically. It’s strongly recommended to wait for final pen*s or dildo penetration until you are completely comfortable and mentally prepared.


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The best way to start is to always your own finger so that you can be the giver and receiver. Alternatively, you can use a slim butt plug or anal beads. Experiment with the sensation on your own until you are prepared. Then invite your partner to experience the sensation in a whole new level.

Stick With What You Like

Always stick with what you like and the way you like it. Whether it’s a toy, pen*s, or finger you’re penetrating, you stand the best chance of anal orgasm if you incorporate the routine that usually gets you to the finish line.


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If you like vibrators then you can go with one alone or use them between your legs while your partner stimulates your anus. If you like to enjoy it in a playful way then you can grab a piece of handcuffs and have your partner do their thing.

Investigate Various Techniques

While it’s best to stick with what you know well, it also playful and enjoyable to add new things to your sexual collection. For example, try incorporating anal play into penetrative sex. A butt plug or finger can make for an all-around tighter fit during penetrative sex, which can feel pleasurable to both partners.

Use A Lot Of Lube

Unlike regular orgasm, anal orgasm requires external lubes as they don’t produce naturally. Without lube, your experience will be extremely painful with small tears inside the anal canal. While it may not cause serious injuries but it will definitely put down your mood. If anal orgasm is your goal then you need to lubricate the anus with a lot of lubes.


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Positions For Anal Orgasm

1. Facedown

Doing this by yourself:

  • Lie facedown.
  • Reach your arm behind you and rest it on your back.
  • Reach your anus with your finger.
  • Tease and insert at your leisure.

Doing this with your partner:

  • Lie face down with your arms at your sides and legs slightly apart.
  • Have your partner sit next to you on the side most comfortable for them.
  • Have them gently massage your anus.

2. Cow

Doing this by yourself:

  • Secure your dildo, vibrator, or other toys on the seat of a chair or other flat surface.
  • Ride the chair or gently kneel down so that your butt is hovering just above the toy.
  • Slowly lower down and gradually insert the toy until you find the depth that feels best for you.

Doing this with your partner:

  • Have your partner lie on their back.
  • Straddle them or their well-positioned toy with your knees on either side of their hips and your hands on the bed or floor.
  • Lower your butt and use your hips and hands to control the depth.

3. Doggy

Doing this by yourself:

  • Get down on all fours(legs, hands).
  • Reach your arm between your legs or around your back to reach your anus.
  • Massage and penetrate as slowly or as vigorously as you’d like.

Doing this with your partner:

  • Get down on all fours(legs, hands).
  • Have them kneel behind you to reach your anus and penetrate.
  • Relax and feel it until you are done.

4. On Your Side, One Leg To The Chest

Doing this by yourself:

  • Lie on your side.
  • Bring your outer leg up toward your chest.
  • Reach your hand around to your anus.
  • Take your time to explore and stimulate as desired.

Doing this with your partner:

  • Lie on your side.
  • Bring your outer leg toward your chest.
  • Have your partner sit behind you to reach your anus.
  • Relax and feel it until you are done.

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