Amazon Rolled Alexa Typed Instructions Function For iPhone Users

iPhone users can now fire off a text message to Alexa to communicate.

Amazon has started to roll out a new feature to iPhone users, enabling them to fire off a text message to their assistant rather than using voice to communicate with the speaker.

According to Mashable, the new feature, however, is not accessible to everyone at this time. The new Alexa texting feature has launched as a public preview on iOS, according to the company, which confirmed the feature to The Verge following reports from some users.

The users will need the Alexa app for iOS, assuming that one is in the US. It is unclear when the feature will arrive for Android and in other markets. As per Mashable, Google Assistant has long supported text input from users.

There is a good reason to have this option because if some users find it difficult to communicate verbally with an assistant due to, for example, a speech impediment.

The users who have access to the public preview will see a keyboard in the top corner of the app; tapping that icon will pull up the text feed. According to Amazon, users can input anything they could otherwise say to the speaker, such as telling it to turn off the lights or asking a question.

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Overall, this is not a huge change for most users, but it is one that some people will surely find convenient. The rest of the app remains the same.

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