Amazon Prime Video App Arrives For MacOS

Amazon today announced that it is rolling out the Amazon Prime Video app on macOS.

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular video streaming apps in the world. At the moment, it is available on most of the App Stores except macOS users.

But this doesn’t mean that MacBook and iMac users cannot access the Amazon Prime Video app on their PCs, it simply means that they will have to log into Prime Video’s web-based interface to access the content on the video streaming platform. However, that changes now as Amazon has rolled out native support for the Amazon Prime Video on Apple’s macOS.

Amazon today announced that it is rolling out the Amazon Prime Video app on macOS. The company said that starting today Mac users worldwide running their MacBook laptops and iMac PCs on macOS Big Sur 11.4 and above will be able to download the Amazon Prime Video app for free from the Mac App Store.

With this, macOS users will not only be able to stream their favorite shows and movies in the app but they will also be able to download Prime Video content on Macs for offline viewing.

As far as the features of this app are concerned, Amazon says that while the overall experience of the Amazon Prime Video’s macOS app is similar to that of the platform’s web interface, it has made subtle changes in order to make it more versatile as per the platform.

For instance, the Amazon Prime Video app will offer streaming over AirPlay, using Picture-In-Picture and the option to download movies and series for offline viewing (when available).

In addition to this, customers using the macOS app will also be able to use the search functionality and popular features like IMDb’s X-ray, continue watching, and watchlists among others on Amazon Prime Video’s macOS-based app.

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Amazon also says that the Prime Video macOS app has the same content and language offerings, which includes support for over 20 languages, as the Prime Video iOS app.

Additionally, it supports streaming in 1080p, with 4k support coming soon. Also, users will receive automatic macOS app updates. The app supports several accessibility features currently available on Prime Video, that includes audio descriptions and VoiceOver support.

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