Amazon GameOn App To Let Mobile Gamers Share Gameplay Clips

Amazon has launched its new gaming service, called GameOn, for mobile users that will make it easy for them to capture and share mobile gameplay.

Amazon has launched the GameOn app For Android smartphones that lets users record gaming clips of their on-device games. GameOn supports over 1,000 games including PUBG Mobile, Angry Birds 2, etc.

The recorded clips get stored on the user’s device and can also be edited on the app and then shared on the user’s GameOn profile page. The videos can be personalized with on-screen captions and selfie commentary.

Amazon GameOn allows users to start and stop recording whenever they want and there is also a Recall feature on the app. If you are worried about the gameplay taking up all your phone storage, you can hit the Recall button and only save the last few minutes of gameplay. You can also configure the length of the saved clip between 30 seconds to 5 mins.

Besides sharing the gameplay clips, users of GameOn can also participate in challenges on the app. There is a Featured Challenges section on the GameOn homepage that includes game-specific, time-limited contests for users to show off their favorite gameplay videos. Other users can then vote on these clips and the most popular video will receive a digital ranking badge.

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Amazon GameOn follows the launch of Luna, which is a cloud gaming platform designed to compete with the likes of Google Stadia.

Luna is currently available for early access at an introductory price of $5.99/month. GameOn is currently available only for Android, but it is coming to iOS soon.

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