Amazon Extends Wage Benefits For Warehouse Workers

Amazon had raised wages for its warehouse and delivery workers by $2 per hour in the US last month.

Amazon is extending the increased wages of warehouse workers through May 16.

The e-commerce company had raised hourly wages by $2 in the US, and doubled overtime for delivery and warehouse employees last month.

“These extensions increase our total investment in pay during COVID-19 to nearly $700 million for our hourly employees and partners. In addition, we are providing flexibility with leave of absence options, including expanding the policy to cover COVID-19 circumstances, such as high-risk individuals or school closures. We continue to see heavy demand during this difficult time and the team is doing incredible work for our customers and the community,” the company said in a post.

Amazon has announced multiple measures to benefit its workers as well as ensure the uninterrupted supply of the essential items during the Covid-19 lockdown in many countries.

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The e-commerce company, however, has faced criticism over managing the health of its workers. Just recently, the company was accused of hiding the information about its workers testing positive for the Covid-19 and continue to run warehouses.

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