Amazon App Store vs Google Play in 2018: Which Is Better?

With Increasing user base, Amazon App Store will be a threat to Google Play in near future. But that's a good news for all Developers as they will get most out of their apps.

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When it comes to downloading an android app, commonly people prefer google play store over Amazon app store because google play is the default app store of most devices. Most people are not aware of the fact that there are also some other alternatives to Google Play which are actually quite good and in some cases even better. Amazon App Store is one the best among them and it actually used widely in certain countries.

Here are some most common questions that come to everyone’s mind,

  • Why we should use it?
  • What is Amazon App Store offering in comparison to Google Play?
  • What are the unique features in it?

This makes developers think twice before getting their head towards Amazon App Store. So let’s analyze both of the app stores to know which one is better.

Google Play vs Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store:

Amazon App Store was launched in 2011, it was initially distributing apps for the Kindle Fire tablets, phones, and streaming media box. It comes pre-loaded on those devices and has the same purpose as the google play store. The main difference between two is that the Amazon app store doesn’t require google framework to be installed to run its services.

With time Amazon made some improvements and now It’s not limited to fire devices. The app store can be installed on most other Android devices giving users a better alternative to google play store.

Currently, Europe and North America contribute a major part of the Amazon app store’s market. Though the downloads are not that much still sales rate is higher for paid apps. All apps in the Amazon app store comes with more keywords, videos, and screenshots. These things attract more people and make it more interesting.

To access the Amazon app store on your android phone, you need to install the Amazon Underground app. To do this, you can either have a link emailed to your inbox, or you can download it directly to your device.

Amazon also introduced AmazonCoins, which is a virtual coin to purchase an app with a discount or for free. You can also earn money by completing app tasks or by purchasing them with real money. The more apps you will buy, the more you will save which can go up to a whopping 25% discount. It also gives offer like 25%discount on amazon web service, up to 30% cashback for downloads.

Amazon App Store Pros and Cons For Developers:

Amazon App Store vs Google Play

Amazon App Store Pros:
  • Best discount offers
  • Allow HTML5 apps
  • Easy for ASO
  • More chances to monetization
  • Filtered content
  • Free to create a Developer Account
Amazon App Store Cons:
  • Uncompromised policy
  • Fewer users in comparison to Google Play
  • Fewer downloads
  • Limited outreach

Google Play Store:

Everybody knows about Google play store, so there is no need to introduce it. Google play provides services to all android os and allows users to download android apps. it offers music, magazines, books, movies, television programs, and more. You will find two types of apps over here, one is free and another one is paid which user can download directly from its Play store.

The conception of Google Play brought together Android Market, Google Music, and the Google eBookstore under one umbrella. Play store is providing nearly 3million app suggestions where amazon giving 600,000 potential downloads.

Google Play Store Pros and Cons For Developers:

Amazon App Store vs Google Play

Google Play Store Pros:
  • Large user base
  • Maximum suggestions to download
  • Top among all App Stores
  • Easy to publish an app
Google Play Store Cons:
  • Complex ASO
  • Fierce competition
  • Device (and OS) fragmentation
  • Google can tweak apps on will and can put you out of its play store
  • Tons of trash apps and privacy concerns


Both markets almost offer the same services and development for the same operating system. The differences are not vast but it is noticeable depending on devices. While Google Play store has a large user base, with concepts like Amazon coin Amazon is driving more people towards it.

So, on a developer’s point of view, both markets are essential to get potential users. If you want to deploy your app in play store or amazon app store or both then you should best practice in ASO. While Google Play is currently on top among all app stores, I personally think Amazon will give a strong competition in near future with lunch of its new devices like Amazon Fire Sticks.

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