Amazon Acquires INLT For Cross-border Sales Processes

Amazon acquires cloud startup INLT to expand the services for complicated cross-border sales processes. Inc has bought technology startup INLT recently for an undisclosed amount. As per the company, this acquisition will help its merchants on its online marketplace more easily import goods into the United States.

INLT is a firm with around a dozen employees based in Los Angeles and Philadelphia that makes software for sellers to manage costs and customs clearance of cross-border shipments.

Seattle-based Amazoncom Inc said it will offer INLT’s cloud-based computing technology to its merchants.

“INLT is a smart, nimble team that is helping companies simplify and lower the cost of importing goods into the U.S.,” an Amazon spokeswoman said in a statement. “We’re excited to work with them to develop the next generation of solutions for their customers and Amazon selling partners.”

Amazon recently made quite a lot of changes to easy its process. Amazon is looking to expand the services it offers merchants to add tools for complicated cross-border sales processes, which sellers largely needed to manage on their own. The timing and pricing of the INLT service are yet to be announced.

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